Yeah, I got the action figures. I'm not a fan of the exagerrated charicatures but they are the REAL Vice cops so I had to get them. It would be cool if Sideshow or Hot Toys made 12" figures. I'd buy them in a.... if you'll excuse the bad Don Johnson song... Heartbeat.

I can't stand anything associated with the movie. It was a mistake and I knew it when I heard they were filming it without DJ or PMT. I do not like re-imaginings in any form (don't get me started on Galactica, don't even mention it) but there is no way they could have continued where the series ended (you'll see why). It would have to have been an alternate reality storyline and would definitely have to address the fact that Crockett and Tubbs are two aging Vice cops that had been on the force for most of their careers and were tired of dealing with the corrupt judicial system and were beginning to enforce their own system of personal justice (that they could get away with). I don't think I could buy that Sonny's son followed in his footsteps. Caroline took him away from Sonny because she did not want him exposed to that lifestyle so I think he would have chosen a different career, maybe even became a football player that Sonny wanted to be before he injured himself. The problem with most of these franchises being made into films is that they waited 20 years to make them. I wanted to see Vice made into a feature back in the early 90's and reunite the cast. It would have been an epic along the lines as Heat. Instead, we get two contemporary clowns "posing" as Crocket and Tubbs in name only and Michael Mann ripping off his own cliches. Thank God for DVD. Now, if they would just hurry up and release the rest of them.