I'm a San Diegan, so I have to comment

I remember living in SD and the fashions people (we) wore in the eighties. Linen dinner jackets, thin pastel colored ties, grey shoes. All heavily influenced by MV.
While I went to school in Orange County back in those Miami Vice days, I have pictures of me dressed like that, LOL. (They're at my grandparents so I don't have them here to scan them in) but I totally did a wardrobe like Don Johnson and dressed that way to Junior High School. (I started my own business when I was very young - mostly to buy Star Wars toys for myself and get my father off my case about how much money I spent) But even as a kid, I had thousands every month to spend on clothes and my early dates in limosuines (there was no way I'd let my parents drive me!) So I lived like a drug dealer, but in reality I mowed lawns, washed cars, and cleaned swimming pools around baseball practice to get the money. I actually love outdoor yard work. Anyway, I had so much business, I employed my friends. We were even cheaper than day-laborers, were too young to owe taxes or require a business license, and had no cost-of-living expenses since we all lived at home with our parents.

But I looked like something else wearing expensive leisure suits to Jr. high school.

But while I'm sure some hated me for my style, it DID get the women

Since when did I really care about anything else?

Oh man, LOL, my parents did not know what to make of me. And my father created the monster I became by cutting out my allowance and telling me to work if I wanted spending money. While I resented him and we fought a lot, I took that lesson much further than he ever anticipated and was making over $2,000 a month by the time I was an 11 or 12-year old. I would NEVER let my parents control me!

Getting all dressed up for a night on the town. Going to a bar (I can't remember the name) just below the 805 interchange by North Park.
It's Todai, an Asian restaurant / night club now. I've never been in there. If you mean where the 805 goes by bridge over the I-8? Never sounded like my scene really. Now Dave & Buster's is on the north side of all that - and I love their bar-burgers and frequent there maybe once a week. I don't really play video games, so unless I go with a friend, I usually stay in the bar and make new friends. The staff recognizes me as a regular and knows what I'm going to order when I walk in the door.

North Park off the 805 really doesn't have a club scene that I'm aware of. The exits are (I think) Adams, El Cajon Blvd., and North Park Ave. There's mostly gas stations and pharmacies off those exits.

Dancing to a "New Wave" cover band. Or going to Humphreys on the bay to see Spyro Gyra (Progressive Jazz)
I had a friend I grew up with on my home street (his parents hired me as my clients) who played in Spyro Gyra - or they were a New Wave tribute band who also used that name.

I just stayed in the Half-Moon Bay Inn Resort with my high school girlfriend I flew in from Chicago. That's the lodging that goes with Humphrey's By The Bay. We went to the Queensryche show and had 3rd row! It was so awesome. Tiffany is still the little hottie (SirSteve met her and will tell you a funny story about the time she came to stay with me when he also was, and Comic Con was on.) But I had to take Tiff to this show because the young girls I like to date now don't know or appreciate the good 'ol days of '80's heavy metal (not that Queensryche didn't just put out a brand new CD last June with all new (and great) material for their Mindcrime sequel!) But these 21 year old girls I like listen to rap music and lame Justin Timberlake junk. The funny thing was that I coincidentally met up with another girl I knew and lived with my first 2 years of college (not a girlfriend, but in those days I wished!) She's the same age as me and there she was at the concert. It was great catching up. (She's married now so I didn't try to find out if she'd be down for a 3-some).

91X was the hot station then. Playing all those hits from Miami Vice etc.
91X is still around and still popular. They're more alternative now, but you can pick up Nickelback on their channel, etc. Still, ROCK 105.3 is my station for head-banging here (and more Nickelback than 91X plays, plus "Mandatory Metallica" - though I have all the big M's CDs and thus don't really want to listen to them on the radio. What sort of sucks is that Queensryche has thier audience and doesn't choose to pay off the radio stations to play their stuff - so it's not the popular thing on the radio, in spite of being better than the stuff on the radio. Music is so commercial. I didn't know it then, but that's what Miami Vice was doing as well. I'm not sure if Phil Collins paid off Michael Mann to use his music, or if Mann was just a fan - but I'm glad it worked out that way as I appreciate Collins and Peter Gabriel and Genesis through Miami Vice connections.

Wow. What a bit of a jog down memory lane! Thanks Blue2th.