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    I'm a San Diegan, so I have to comment

    I remember living in SD and the fashions people (we) wore in the eighties. Linen dinner jackets, thin pastel colored ties, grey shoes. All heavily influenced by MV.
    While I went to school in Orange County back in those Miami Vice days, I have pictures of me dressed like that, LOL. (They're at my grandparents so I don't have them here to scan them in) but I totally did a wardrobe like Don Johnson and dressed that way to Junior High School. (I started my own business when I was very young - mostly to buy Star Wars toys for myself and get my father off my case about how much money I spent) But even as a kid, I had thousands every month to spend on clothes and my early dates in limosuines (there was no way I'd let my parents drive me!) So I lived like a drug dealer, but in reality I mowed lawns, washed cars, and cleaned swimming pools around baseball practice to get the money. I actually love outdoor yard work. Anyway, I had so much business, I employed my friends. We were even cheaper than day-laborers, were too young to owe taxes or require a business license, and had no cost-of-living expenses since we all lived at home with our parents.

    But I looked like something else wearing expensive leisure suits to Jr. high school.

    But while I'm sure some hated me for my style, it DID get the women

    Since when did I really care about anything else?

    Oh man, LOL, my parents did not know what to make of me. And my father created the monster I became by cutting out my allowance and telling me to work if I wanted spending money. While I resented him and we fought a lot, I took that lesson much further than he ever anticipated and was making over $2,000 a month by the time I was an 11 or 12-year old. I would NEVER let my parents control me!

    Getting all dressed up for a night on the town. Going to a bar (I can't remember the name) just below the 805 interchange by North Park.
    It's Todai, an Asian restaurant / night club now. I've never been in there. If you mean where the 805 goes by bridge over the I-8? Never sounded like my scene really. Now Dave & Buster's is on the north side of all that - and I love their bar-burgers and frequent there maybe once a week. I don't really play video games, so unless I go with a friend, I usually stay in the bar and make new friends. The staff recognizes me as a regular and knows what I'm going to order when I walk in the door.

    North Park off the 805 really doesn't have a club scene that I'm aware of. The exits are (I think) Adams, El Cajon Blvd., and North Park Ave. There's mostly gas stations and pharmacies off those exits.

    Dancing to a "New Wave" cover band. Or going to Humphreys on the bay to see Spyro Gyra (Progressive Jazz)
    I had a friend I grew up with on my home street (his parents hired me as my clients) who played in Spyro Gyra - or they were a New Wave tribute band who also used that name.

    I just stayed in the Half-Moon Bay Inn Resort with my high school girlfriend I flew in from Chicago. That's the lodging that goes with Humphrey's By The Bay. We went to the Queensryche show and had 3rd row! It was so awesome. Tiffany is still the little hottie (SirSteve met her and will tell you a funny story about the time she came to stay with me when he also was, and Comic Con was on.) But I had to take Tiff to this show because the young girls I like to date now don't know or appreciate the good 'ol days of '80's heavy metal (not that Queensryche didn't just put out a brand new CD last June with all new (and great) material for their Mindcrime sequel!) But these 21 year old girls I like listen to rap music and lame Justin Timberlake junk. The funny thing was that I coincidentally met up with another girl I knew and lived with my first 2 years of college (not a girlfriend, but in those days I wished!) She's the same age as me and there she was at the concert. It was great catching up. (She's married now so I didn't try to find out if she'd be down for a 3-some).

    91X was the hot station then. Playing all those hits from Miami Vice etc.
    91X is still around and still popular. They're more alternative now, but you can pick up Nickelback on their channel, etc. Still, ROCK 105.3 is my station for head-banging here (and more Nickelback than 91X plays, plus "Mandatory Metallica" - though I have all the big M's CDs and thus don't really want to listen to them on the radio. What sort of sucks is that Queensryche has thier audience and doesn't choose to pay off the radio stations to play their stuff - so it's not the popular thing on the radio, in spite of being better than the stuff on the radio. Music is so commercial. I didn't know it then, but that's what Miami Vice was doing as well. I'm not sure if Phil Collins paid off Michael Mann to use his music, or if Mann was just a fan - but I'm glad it worked out that way as I appreciate Collins and Peter Gabriel and Genesis through Miami Vice connections.

    Wow. What a bit of a jog down memory lane! Thanks Blue2th.
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    Thanks for that interesting A-side Blue2th. I was beginning to think this was a private conversation that was only being read by me and Tycho. Glad to see we're not the only ones with Vice appeal.

    Tycho, there's another episode that is similar to The Dutch Oven where Gina's Bolivian friend is rapped by a rich Cuban playboy but there is no hard evidence for a conviction and Gina is hellbent for justice. You should dig it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I took that lesson much further than he ever anticipated and was making over $2,000 a month by the time I was an 11 or 12-year old. I would NEVER let my parents control me!
    Damn Tycho, were you a little crack dealer?

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    Like I said, I ran a maintainance service club: lawn, car, pool. We served on average 41 houses in our tract home development and cut out the monopolizing gardener that usually worked the properties built by the developer. In the 3rd car garage spot (as I was too young to drive), I kept 3 lawn mowers, carwash stuff in "Radial Flyer" little red wagons, and pool cleaning equipment in "missing" supermarket shopping carts.

    My father was a US Navy Commander and very strict. When I was about 9 or 10 years old (4th-5th grade) he said that I had to do chores around the house to get my allowance because my mother was returning to work, and he worked, and that's what people did: work. He was annoyed that my very successful uncle (yeah the same one that put all my Star Wars stuff into storage while I was recently hospitalized) gave my mom (his sister) money to buy me things like the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star Playset. I started troop-building back then too. Very shortly, my bedroom could not contain my Star Wars collection, and I was taking over the hallway linen closets (playsets, vehicles) and washroom supply cabinets (vintage Star Wars 12"). My Dad grew up poor before his military career, and I think that quite frankly he was jealous of me, and that my uncle could butt in with funds to make sure I was wanting for nothing. (I once had a very complete vintage collection that included the remote control stuff like the landspeeder and sandcrawler IIRC).

    So my Dad said I could only have an allowance if I mowed the lawn, did the dishes, took care of the cat, watered the yards and planters, washed the cars, cleaned the pool, etc.

    We lived in a wealthy area (watch MTV's "Laguna Beach," or whatever it's called - or if the O.C. stands for Orange County, California - I don't watch that either.) All the kids had stuff and we were a military family, so you kind of know the financial picture (though my dad invested, bought into real estate, and by the time he died, he was really the one that set me up into the lifestyle I live in now). But there I was, complaining that my Dad didn't pay me enough - so he said I should ask the neighbors if I could help them out for a little money.

    Then came the lessons: I was using his fuel (for the lawnmower), his chemicals for the swimming pools, his carwash solution, etc. So if I wanted to continue doing so, I needed to resupply him at my own expense. That was the price of doing business.

    We got into a fight about it and "what the other kids had, etc." and my Dad said he wasn't paying me any more to take care of our home - that was my price for living there while he and my mother worked to cover those expenses.

    I got mad and had my mom drive me to Sears to buy my first lawnmower so I wouldn't have to rent my father's. So my dad charged me rent for the space I was taking up in the 3rd car garage.

    I worked more houses to maximize the profits. I could do maybe one place at 6-7am before school, and 2 after baseball practice before it got dark (in the spring or early fall - while summertime I could work any time all day if I wanted - but usually spent much of the mid-day at a waterpark called Wild Rivers in Irvine.

    My business stirred up a lot of interest with the neighbors who paid the local landscaping monopoly nearly twice what they paid me (and were provided with non-English speaking workers for their efforts). Soon I had more requests than I could handle and I asked 3 of my friends to work for me, bought more equipment for them to use, got them keys to our 3rd garage, and paid them 75% (or in one case more) of my asking price for the work being done.

    Consequently, I was even taken to court by the home owners' association who was trying to provide work for the landscaping company that I mentioned. They didn't know what to do with me as I was too young to pay taxes, didn't require a work permit or business license, etc. They tried to go after my parents actually - to see if I was giving them kickbacks. I nearly got my father in big trouble for his rental fees, but we decided that as a family I'd pay that to my mom for our family grocery expenses and whatnot - thus it got covered under the actual food I ate.

    So I had the lifestyle of "Laguna Beach" afterall - but I worked for it.

    I've always been sort of an extremist, as you can tell how far I'll take things. It started from me fighting my parents about virtually everything and it keeps with my annoying personality that gets precocious about religious and political issues here in the rancor pit and my sudden urges to fight authority figures even if the SSG moderators are the only targets I can sight.

    I wonder how I might've grown up different if I had laid-back parents?

    I would have built a ruthless criminal organization if I'd wanted to go that route, I can tell you

    EDIT: Oh man! I just watched an episode where a prostitute the guys were having help them set up a drug dealer turned out to be his own daughter he'd been raping! She really "blew him" in the end - with a nickel plated pistol! Great episode focusing on one of the things that goes on in society that we just don't like to talk about: incest rape right in the immediate family.

    2nd Edit: I just watched Tubb's voodoo experience. Freaky! That was a great episode though. Bushido is next!!!
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    Dave, don't miss my wonderful masterpiece post above.

    I just watched Bushido.

    It was a great episode. I don't think it was my all-time favorite. But it was worthy of a movie plot even.

    My plotholes are these:

    1) Why didn't the KGB send more agents? 3 seemed like a minimal amount if the woman was that important to them.

    2) Who was Surf? He didn't have a Russian accent and didn't come off as Russian. He may have been a highly trained American infiltrator, but he just came off as plain old American.

    3) What the heck was a big house like that one on the island doing sitting abandoned, save for a few furnishings that would be necessary for it to be a safehouse? Was it a safehouse in the first place?

    The kid who was Martin's namesake was very touching.

    That he still fought to protect his friend's wife after she stabbed him was equally touching.

    I must pause to think about the rest of the episode some more.
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    Geez Tycho, you sure know how to spoil a good episode. Remind me to never watch television with you or Jeditricks.

    Surf was an American turncoat working for the KGB (ironically played by Sledge Hammer) and was the perfect all-American spy for the Russ. That they didn't send more then 3 agents was probably because it shouldn't take more elite KGB assassins than that to finish the job and because they don't want to draw any more attention politically than what the CIA was already aware of and create an international incident. As for the safehouse... it's Miami. It could have been assumed that it was a mansion for a drug cartel that had been conviscated in a bust. Actually, they used the same mansion to film several episodes so you will see it again several times and if I remember correctly it is used in an episode with a drug addict Ivy-league prep student and his rich dad's estate. One thing about Vice is you notice many locations get recycled throughout the show to double for other locations. Another example that comes to mind is the lighthouse where Sonny and Caroline were walking from episode 2 will become the setting of an important "confrontation" between Sonny and Rico in season 5.

    That was the best Dean Stockwell performance I have ever seen (I was not a fan of Quantum Leap) as was Olmos. Definitely the best Castillo episode, IMO. Marty was a nice twist to the tragic ending of their friendship. Jan Hammer's score was top notch with its Asian motiff. The Russian actress was from 2010 and she was also in a Czech rock band. Plus you had Jerry Hardin from X-Files and sidelined Crockett and Tubbs show up to save the day. Also a good moment with Zito buried in the sand. Bushido is definitely one of my favorite Vice episodes.

    The Voodoo episode with Tubbs was creepy. That whole thing with Legba staging his death to smuggle his body in was similar to Serpent and the Rainbow. Again, Jan Hammer's score provides the atmosphere for that episode.

    You should probably be getting some Phil Collins in Phil the Shill here soon. It's more lighthearted with some Izzy moments. Just wait until the season 2 finale...

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    I just watched the episode where Gina tried to protect her young friend from a rapist who kept coming for her. Nice Lamborghini vs. Ferrari chase - I always wanted to see that happen (gosh I wanted a white Countach when I was a kid!)

    Anyway, the rapist was none other than "Felix Cortez" from Harrison Ford's Clear and Present Danger - about 15 years younger. That was a good episode.

    Also in the previous incest-rape episode, the location for the out-at-sea boat dock shootout with speedboats and everything was awesome. I really dug that setting. It did more for me than Bushido, but eh...

    As far as Dean Stockwell - I think he played in an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well. Unless he was Gretsky, long-lost friend of Castillo's. But I took him to be the older CIA agent.

    But the hit on the drug dealer in the beach bathroom was indeed awesome. I loved Zito in the sand - very classic.
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    Yeah, that club was right below the 8 & 805 interchange. It wasn't a restaraunt then. It was called the something? Garden. Quite the happening place back then. Right down the hill from where I lived in North Park. Going back there for Comic-Con sure brought back the mems. Even tuned into 91X. It's as you say "Alternative" Drove down El Cahon blvd. looking for an old pizza place I used to go to. East of 805. Man, dare was Hoes walkin' da streets. That neighborhood went down hill. Found the pizza place though. I was in SD the year of one of the hottest summers recorded. 85' I think (brain fart) It was the summer of insane Diego. The year that crazy guy (who was talking to a little angel/devil his wife said. Seem to remember she said it was blue) walked into a McDonald's in San Ysidro and wasted all those people..............Actually the first time I ever heard Queensrych was on the radio there, before they hit it big. Though I was a trendy New-waver then, listening to 91X. Good times.

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    Hehe. You're a little older than me Blue2th. I hit San Diego almost 10 years after you it sounds like.

    I do remember hearing about some McDonald's killings though - not sure if it was the San Yisidro incident, or a copy-cat. Those sorts of things happen every so many years I guess.

    Anyway, I just watched THE BEST episode of Miami Vice I can remember in the short term mind of mine.

    "Back in the World," contained flashbacks of Sonny in Vietnam (they did a great job of making him look younger, too - really!)

    In the episode a reporter friend who was strung out, was trying to get Sonny to help him find this sergeant who smuggled out heroin in the body bags of KIA soldiers in Vietnam. The idea of it is pretty disturbing, but actually not all surprising. I wonder if that sort of thing is going on in Afghanistan now?

    Anyway, the episode brought Vietnam home to Miami and showcased everything from Stan in a "leather bar" to a former South Vietnamese regular turned mortar launcher trying to kill the reporter (and Sonny) in his speedboat on the bay.

    A jungle-style shootout ended the episode, but for now it seems as if the Sergeant got away.

    The whole episode really had me intrigued!

    Nicely done, Michael Mann! Nicely done.
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    If you loved that one Tycho you're going to love the follow up in season 3 called "Stone's War" when Ira Stone returns with G. Gordon Liddy involved in political covert dealings with the contras. That was a great episode. You will REALLY dig it!


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