I just watched the Phil Collins episode. That one was fun!

It wasn't a comedy, but it had humor (with Izzy decorating and everything - Crockett getting his butt beat-up while Rico planted the bug in the dealer's car, and Stan on that game show).

And it had action and danger to it.

I've bought a few TV series on DVD, but Miami Vice is high on my list, if not the top one, that I recall gaining this much entertainment from.

I loved this show and I hope (but don't recall) that Phil Collins' character comes back (as he got away in a Lamborghini - nice class).

I also recollect that Izzy eventually gets killed, unfortunately, but nevertheless realistically. Not sure if I remember that one right or not though.

It was funny seeing how Castillo wasn't the least bit surprised that Stan ditched work to be on a game show. Haha.