I just watched "Little Miss Dangerous," when Rico falls for a very young prostitute that's secretly the Crayon Killer (who's difficult past makes her kill her johns and leave artwork done by crayon behind her in the fire).

She was very hot, too. Yeah, I know Rico wasn't trying to have an affair with her, but you could see he was tempted. The ending surprised me. The look into the underground sex scene was tantilizing. The aspect of a girl so in over her head with that life that she wouldn't do anything to change it was very real.

I've seen that actress in Star Trek: The Next Generation before I think. She was older when she did Star Trek, but I think she played "Arielle," the rebel leader on a planet dominated by women that was also the location where refugees from an earth ship disaster took shelter, but upset the natural order of the planet's matriarchy. I'm not positive that was her though.

Whoever she was, her Miami Vice spot was tremendously sexy and played to all of us who in our hearts, are attracted to younger women. I just read an article about this being described as being common in American society.

The episode made you want Rico to hook up with her and take care of her. He was pushing the boundaries of what he could do as a cop. I'm surprised Castillo didn't come down on him more - but perhaps they cut that from the final show because they had a lot of plot to cover in a 1-hour episode. That one could have been a movie! It was very "Basic Instinct," but came out before B.I. I believe. Nicely done again, Mr. Mann!

Great acting on Phllip Michael Thomas' part, too. I think this could have been his best episode in recent memory for me.