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It sounds like Season 3 is ok, but you mean Season 4 is the groaner. Is that correct?

Was there a season 5 or 6?
Yeah, season 4 was the groaner. Season 5 was okay but you could tell they were just riding it out to the end. It started off good but then fell into mediocrity up until the end. It's very different in look and style compared to other seasons. Jan Hammer was replaced by Tim Truman so the electro-pop score became more latin acoustic guitar and they used a lot of diffusion filters to give it a soft whited-out look and Sonny's hair is long and shaggy and he wears jeans most of the time. Like I said, they just had to show up and read their lines knowing that it was the last season. That was when DJ was moonlighting his film career with memorable gigs like Dead Bang and Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man in between takes on Vice.