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    Its almost here......

    Yep, it was snowing on the way to work this morning......cant wait for all the people who forget how to drive as soon as they see snow...
    You'll be dead!

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    I dream of snow. never get it here. not real snow. just a dusting that freezes or melts before it gets chance to settle.

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    We have our first snow predicted for tomorrow and/or Friday. Where I'm at is in the "heavy" range, which is only up to a half inch. In no time we'll see seven or eight inches at a time (Insert "Slicker's mom" joke here).
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    I hate snow.

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    I miss snow. Believe it or not, the past two years here in Las Vegas, we had a light dusting of snow during the week between Christmas and New Years. People freak out when it rains, so when it "snowed", there was mass hysteria. I really need to get out of here.
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    R2- you know what I'm looking at up here, we are set for light flurries supposedly in the next couple of nights, and a foot or more of snow is not much of a surprise really... and even tho we usually have snow 4-5 months of a year, folks forget how to handle it everytime, as RG mentioned...
    Personally, I really like hitting out on my bicycle after a real hard "first snow", before the plows get to it, it's real fun and when ya wipe out, you don't get hurt- unless there's stuff like concrete blocks and furniture hidden under it courtesy of Lanny

    Oh and KH, that post actually made sense, weird &Isobars&
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    People driving in the snow....oh man, you hit a nerve here. I live in Ohio (orignially from Chicago) but I didn't get my license until well into my Ohio duration. But I do KNOW HOW TO DRIVE in snow and snow conditions. There just seem to be so many Ohio drivers that can't drive in snow to save their life. And you ask them, "oh, can't drive in snow, huh? How long have you lived in Ohio? a few months?" and they reply, usually with, "oh, about fifteen years" or "My whole life." jesus! Learn how to drive in snow, assmonkeys! it's not hard.

    and I especially love it when snow is in the forecast and people flock to the grocery store as if they're worried that four inches of snow will cause them to be snowed in and make them resort to cannabalism. People.
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    Mabs, you know how flat the town I was born in is. We had to either build a hill after the snowplow piled up the snow or get our parents to take us to the thruway ramp and slide down the side. My cousins actually made an ice rink in their back yard during the winter. Out here it is 73F right now, so my kids can finally go out and play without being BBQed.

    Las Vegas gets about 4 or 5 inches of rain per year. When it does rain, areas start to flood and all the oils in the roads come to the surface...add in the crazy number of tourists(roughly 36 million per year) on unfamiliar roads, and you got yourself a city wide mosh pit.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I've heard that in Greece the same thing happens when it rains, people go flying off cliffs in their cars and stuff cos the low frequency of the rainfalls there makes it especially slippery when it does decide to come down, sounds like a delightful situation altogether.. And I can imagine your problems finding a decent hill- there're a few around here if you have parents that will drive you, but when I was little the only "hills" we could actually get to regularly were ALL a)crappy, 15 or 20 degree slopes b) situated so they emptied out on a busy damn road or c) situated so you'd end up sinking in a sewage creek of some sort, which coupled with the total suck-factor of the "hills" themselves made our long winters pretty dull to be sure &Isobars
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    First off, Rebo's Guitarist - nice sig, but the actual quote is, "There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of fact, it's all dark." Or something more like that.

    Anyway . . . when it snows during school all the kids feel obliged to jump out of their seats in the middle of class and crowd around the window. It's snow, for God's sake, you've seen it a million times before. Sit the hell back down.
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