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    New Stormtrooper, Jawa w/ LIN Droid?

    It doesn't say Concept Stormtrooper, they list it in Wave 1.

    They also have Jawa with LIN Droid.

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    Some okay choiced in there. Miyoom and Elis are not high on my priority list, but they'll be welcome additions to fill some spots in dioramas.

    The new Jawa with LIN is cool. Concept Chewbacca will be odd to see.
    I suspect we'll see this guy as the concept Chewie (open in new tab or window-or the current one will be shrunk to the size of this pic in the link):
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    That says wave 3 and has a concept chewie. Looks like a tatooine wave.
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    Makes you wonder if it is an all new Stormtrooper or a re-release of the Commtech or VOTC. Jawa w/ LIN droid and the cantina aliens are pretty cool.

    Hasbro is really pumping out the Vader figures, aren't they? 2 in the 30th Anniversary tins, one carded with the coin holder, and 3 different carded versions on the shelves right now. If this Vader is a re-release of either the Evolutions or VOTC, I might pick it up since I don't have either version.

    I'm skipping the concept figures, but I'll probably get the Biggs. Oh, and another Luke? I guess it makes since since it is the anniversary line.
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    This is pretty much like all the other lists we've seen, and the only new thing is that the Jawa may include the LIN droid (which would be totally sweet). Many of them will either be repacks or slightly different versions of old figures (like wave 1), but the new cantina guys will be great.
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    Miyoom & Elis should be pretty neat. Any cantina alien, no matter how obscure, is always welcome.

    I'm a little disappointed that CZ-3 wont be coming with the jawa as rumored. Is the LIN droid the black domed one or the multiarmed one?

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    LIN droid is the black dome with the antennas on top. Now that you mention it, a CZ-3 would have been cool.
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    I'll wait til Hasbro confirms it but this is more to my liking. rebel honour sentry guard sounds like the guy in the green uniform with the black visor on the rebel fleet trooper helmet pulled down over the face and I think they either have a staff or a long rifle. you can see them at the back of the temple in the medal ceremony when the big doors open and the heroes walk in looking smug. Either that or it's the lookout fleet trooper up the pole in the crows nest. the one you see above the treetops at the massasi temple. the green uniformed one seems a better idea to me. if they sculpt him wearing a cap and the helmet fitsover that like with Veers, you got two figures in one really. that uniform is worn by rebel techs on home one in ROTJ.

    the Lin-V8M droid is a dead easy one for hasbro to do as it has a treadwell base so hopefully they'll cast the dome in clear smoked plastic and then spray a patina of dirty paint over the top.

    Biggs and Luke are listed in both waves at R2-DTOYS, so I assume one is medal ceremony Luke and one is Tatooine. we know one Biggs is Tatooine Biggs and presumably the other is an updated X-wing pilot Biggs?

    The Han Solo listed is medal ceremony Han?

    Hope the death star trooper is a retooled one so he has a proper tunic jacket and straighter legs.

    cantina aliens sound good but could end up being horrible if hasbro takes liberties.

    Concept Chewie could be one of two concept drawings by McQuarrie, the pointy eared one shown above in that link or the squat rough looking hairy one wearing a tunic that looks more like the chewie we know. the pointy eared one would be better.

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    Definitely some good figures coming down the pipes (that sounds filthy) in the coming months. Some good choices even for some of the repacks. I hope the LIN is done up good and the concept Chewie, if done right, is gonna be creepy as hell.
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    I'm excited about all of them except Darth and Luke from wave 3. Wave 2 is a little less exciting Han Solo will definately not be anything I need and I will wait to see on the Biggs and Luke.
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