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Thread: Celebration II

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    I received a bonus at work last week, so that would cover the cost. Now I'm waiting to see who some of the other celebrities are. I might have to pack my Aurra Sing figure in the suitcase!

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    I hear ralph Mcquarrie shold be there. Love that guy
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    Yeah. I'd definitely get a Ralph McQuarrie 'graph before i got one from Jeremy Bulloch. He wasn't even Boba in all the scenes and the Fett's most noticeable character attribute, his gruff voice, was provided by someone else. Bulloch just stood around. Dill.

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    The official SW site has a list of confimed actors and actresses coming to Celebration II. What I'm wondering is, why doesn't the official Celebration II site have anything on there yet? The event is only a month away and there is still nothing posted. What a lame site.
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    um, where is it gonna be?
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    I found another website that had a listing of the guests. I will post a link to it in a few minutes.

    Yes, I am just as surprised that the official convention site hasn't updated its info.

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    As promised, here is the link:

    I found this link from another SW website. Apparently this company is going to sell autographs to people who can't make SW Celebration 2.

    It is the most complete listing of guests I've came across so far. I found it April 2.


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