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Thread: The Departed

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    The Departed

    Jesus this was a good movie. I've seen a bunch of Martin Scorsese's movies: Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, The Aviator (though I didn't like those last two much), and this is one of his best. The whole cast was great. Especially Jack Nicholson. The ending somewhat reminded me of "Reservoir Dogs", but I'll leave it at that. And how badass was Marky Mark in this? He was rockin' the s*** in this. Anyway, long story short, best movie of 2K6. So far.....
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    It was a cool movie, I thought it was jack nicholsons best tough guy movie. needed more head shots. now that's being humorous.i would see it again to see if i missed any blood and splatter.i smell a rat...
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    I saw it last week and loved it ! ! ! The whole cast was great, particularly Alec Baldwin.

    On the issue of headshots, you know what, I must have been in partial denial that this was a Scorcese movie because early on when they show the flashback to that couple who were executed, I found it to be a disturbing scene...and rightfully so. But being a Scorcese movie, I should have known there was more to come. I must have had The Aviator on my mind, giving me a false sense of security.

    Very good movie though, I REALLY enjoyed it. Nicholson was great too, I can't even begin to describe how great his rat impression was.

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    Like it better when it was called Infernal Affairs (2002)...the original movie out of Hong Kong. There were two more sequals made after that.
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    Wasn't one of those a prequel ?

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    Saw The Departed tonight. Incredibly good movie. One of the best I've seen this year. Lots of great "Oh sh*t!" moments.
    Acting was top notch for everyone in the cast. I'm not even remotely close to being a fan of Dicaprio, but his performance really good.
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    Just watched it again, I still feel the same about all the people getting shot in the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy View Post
    I'm not even remotely close to being a fan of Dicaprio, but his performance really good.
    He was quite good in Blood Diamond too.

    I like Leo. And you're right, he did a great job in this movie. Actually, like you guys mentioned, everyone did a great job acting... Nicholson, Wahlberg, Damon, Baldwin... Everyone! Superbly acted film. And Directed, and all that jazz. Easily one of my favorite movies of 2006.
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    I watched this flick around this time last year and really enjoyed it. I usually refer to it as "The Depawted" cos I don't think one person in that cast actually uses the letter R.
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    I haven't seen this, but I'm sure it sucks. I hate every movie that comes out now.

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