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    What "girly drinks" do you like?

    Every now and then, I like to go out and order (or make at home) "girly drinks"...

    I really like nutty martini's... Frangelico and vanilla vodka... I highly recommend it. They are nummy.

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    I like drinking at the Y.

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    Mai Tais and amaretto sours are the bomb. Do they count?

    Just about any combination of fruit juice and alcohol is pretty yummy.
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    I like the taste of Bellinis (orange slush, peach schnapps and rum or vodka, not sure which) but they tend to be outrageously priced at the bar (as do most girly drinks, for some reason).

    I'm pretty one-dimensional - it's beer or beer for this kid.... and that's plenty girly enough.

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    Well, you do live in a country with some great beer, so that's understandable.

    I love the US, but our beer sucks in comparison with other English-speaking nations.
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    I'm off to Africa this week. They have some GREAT beers... Castle, Skol and Primas...

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    I to am an Amaretto sour fan, I've been told they are girly but I don't really think so. Chocolate martini's are good but I'll admit that those ARE girly for sure.

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    Long Island Ice Teas.

    They'll get ya drunk!!! You'll be screwin' fat girls in no time!!!
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    Ameretto Sours rule, as do Jolly Ranchers.
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    I'm a big fan of Fuzzy Navels. Tasty stuff there.

    Do Bloody Marys count as "girlie"? The best part about those is that you can drink them with any meal.
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