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    Has anyone ever made Bone action figures?

    Pretty self-explanatory topic. A simple yes or no (padded with a few words to get past the 10-character minimum) will do, though I'd be happy to discuss how hella cool these would be.

    Especially the inevitable Smiley Bone/Bartleby two-pack.
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    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    My God, those look like carp. Only the Bones and Gran'ma Ben look even passable. Someone needs to re-do them. Bad. Those are just below the Disney Indiana Jones figure on the carptacular scale.

    And, dude, what's with leaving Gran'ma Ben and Phoney for Wave II? That's like leaving Han Solo totally out of the first wave of SW figures.

    And no Bartleby on top of that? One anonymous Rat Creature and no Bartleby? Christ, they could've done him as a frigging pack-in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Pretty self-explanatory topic. A simple yes or no will do
    They might have.

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    Oh, wait, duh it looks like they did make baby Bartleby as a pack-in with Fone Bone. Not sure why Fone, unless Smiley's being taller was the reason.

    If anyone else tackles this, they need to make growed-up Bartleby as well. And Fone from his Moby Dick dream. And the freakin' Great Red Dragon and Kingdok, in the proper scale.
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    I seem to recall that there may have been some PVC figures also.
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    Yes, I, to, remember "inaction figs" kinda like nightmare before x-mas toys, but I wouldn't know exactly where they came from- tho I think it was attached to Resaurus in some way as well. If I see anything "leftover" in our local shop I will see if it's anything you want, Chux Isobars&
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