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    Which Endor trooper is rarer?

    The white or the black one? I got the white guy from KB today, but so far none of the stores by me have gotten them in for me to hunt the black variant (and i'm not gonna try ordering one again, because KB had the latter one pictured, but sent me the former).
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    both - i've yet to see either one

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    They're allegedly shipping in equal numbers, but if you have an extra white one I'll be happy to trade with you because I haven't seen one yet.

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    It seems like the white one is rarer around these parts.
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    I think it's like the red and blue Imperial Guards from the first wave of ROTS figures, and it depends on where you are. I've only seen the Afro-Naboo one, but I know people in other areas have only seen the Caucasooinian. Give it time. You'll find both eventually.
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    I've found 3 brown skinned and only 1 pale skinned Endor troopers.

    Only two other reports of finds in my area have found just the brown skinned one as well.

    So for me, in my area, it's the pale one that's the rarer of the two.
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    The naboo wave has yet to show up anywhere near me...plenty of re-stock on HV and GB...which makes no sense at all...collector tins are here (athens, ga) though....but only the prequel ones.

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    I ordered 2 of each off r2dtoys but only got the white one, so I've been thinking the black one is rarer.

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    I've only seen the trooper once and I got the cracker one.
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    It's a running change, so at first the black trooper will be more rare as its shipping cycle ramps up, then the white trooper will be more rare as its shipping cycle slows, then they'll be even money once they both stop shipping - just like Saga Han Hoth blue vs brown coat.
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