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    I can't wait to see the new Borat movie in 2 weeks.

    "I like!"

    He is definitely my favorite character from Da Ali G Show. While Ali and Bruno have some great stuff, Borat is easily the funniest. The cameo he had in the In Da House movie was a cruel tease.

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    That reminds me: I need to write a complaint letter to Comic-Con about this.

    They (Sony?) had a preview in Hall H right before the family-friendly Stardust/Transformers panel. There was no specific programming information. There were a hell of a lot of kids. The preview they showed, with not even a "this may not be suitable for kids" warning? Borat fighting some fat guy for five minutes, both butt naked, with black bars that mysteriously vanished several times and left nothing whatsoever to the imagination, in fight poses that simulated gay sex, while shouting, "Eat my ***!"

    Dude, I'm not easily offended, but with no warning at an event that purports to promote comic art to all ages? Absolutely inappropriate. In the proper context, of an R-rated movie, or even if the programming guide had clearly indicated that the preview would be for Borat and contain graphic material, no problem. Hell, Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith both spouted the f-bomb a few hundred times each during their panels, but everyone knows they love the dirty words. People who took their kids to those panels should've known what to expect.

    I'm not at all kidding when I say that a guy walked in right before the preview started, and was with a daughter of probably four or five, and just stopped in the aisle with a horrified look on his face right beside the row I was seated in. I just don't want that guy with his daughter wondering, "How the **** am I going to explain this to her?" to be me in a few years.
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    Chux, I can only reply to that with a quote from Borat, "High Five!"

    Seriously though, that is couldn't have been a real trailer because those are all "approved for all ages" (that is if they have the green intro screen, whereas the red screen is the restricted one but you don't see that one very often).

    They probably should have put a warning in the programming guide...but then again if they don't do it for Kevvers and QT, why do they get a pass on this? Shouldn't they be flagged, too? I don't think it's a given that everyone knows how crass they are...what if there were some Jersey Girl fans there who wanted to see the filmmaker ?

    "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakstan"
    looks like it could be one of my favorites of the years...I was so happy to find free promo posters at the theater a few weeks back, and I even had my pic taken with the oversized cardboard cutout of Borat inside the theater.

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    Nah, they typically show all sorts of exclusive stuff at Comic-Con. Usually it's acceptable stuff, which was why this was so shocking.

    Like I said, it doesn't offend me, but there's a time and place where things are unacceptable. Like you don't take Slicker's Mom to a church.
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    That's what I meant, that it had to have been a promo clip they cut for uses other than wide released trailers. It does sound odd that they wouldn't have a clean version to show...they probably do for most of the horror movies they preview, even !

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    They generally like to show "special" stuff at Comic-Con that otherwise won't be seen for months, sometimes ever. Remember how I told everyone Superman Returns would rock? Yeah, I got to see some kewl stuff. It's how I know for a fact that TMNT and Spider-Man 3 will likely be the two best films next year. This year, they also showed some awesome Pirates 2 bloopers and intentional CG gags that I hope are on the DVD (like Elizabeth Swann fighting evil pirates using two lightsabers).

    But you can trust me on one thing: if this bit isn't cut, it is the most graphic sequence I've ever seen in a film. If I hadn't been in shock that they were showing it, it would've been hella funny, too.
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    I'm really looking forward to this flick too. Cohen is a fantastic actor and it amazes me that he has such a wide range of characters. Although, I think one of my all time favorite skits on the show was when Bruno interviewed that Minister and kept asking about gay things he could/could not do.

    "Being fabulous!"

    Plus, this movie is getting RAVE reviews from the press. Should be great!
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    Yeah JMGuy, Bruno is great ! I love it when he uses the phrase "fantastish"

    And the way he gets people to lampoon themselves without knowing is those college dorks on the beach who he had doing one goofy thing after another, making themselves look foolish, but as soon as he told them to say "yay gay Austrian TV!!!" they turned on him and THEN drew the line out of distaste for Bruno...hilarious.

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    I can't wait for Borat either, Cae. I was reading Entertainment Weekly and they said it may be one of the funniest films ever. I also saw the Ali G movie and I was a bit disappointed by it, but I've seen every episode on HBO.
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    I think EW nailed it with their comments about why the movie was't that great...I didn't think the scripted storyline worked either, I just prefer these characters in "real life" settings.

    I'll dig up that pic I took with Borat in the theater, it's around here somewhere...


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