It's been an amazing season, I wasn't sure what to expect this year with Idris Elba leaving the show...but they sure kept it going. So many cool and interesting characters, some inspiring and some disturbing.

I'll start with the disturbing, that Chris guy is just creepy, very cold blooded. That androgynous Snoop fellow who works as his partner in murder is VERY creepy. I think Marlo is pretty weak as a villain compared to Avon, Stringer especially, and hell even The Greek from season 2.

The inspiring I mentioned comes first from Dennis, I'm really liking what they are doing with his character and the reformed life he is trying to lead. I love the storyline with Colvin and Prez working at that same school, it's pretty interesting.

I guess the only think I don't like is that with all the newer characters that get attention, it feels like some of my old favorites are taking a back seat. McNulty for starters, it seems like we haven't seen enough of him. Plus Bunk too, I really like both of them. Daniels is my other favorite character so of course I'd like to see more from him as well.

At the same time though, they've been taking these twists and turns ever since season 2 with the dock storyline and that turned out to be outstanding so I have to admit they're doing right by the show this season, too.

I'm really glad McNulty is already suspicious of the murder charge against Omar, it definitely doesn't fit his M.O. and as for the murder itself, well that Chris guy clearly is soulless to be able to do something like that.