Hasbro reusing the vintage Kenner Snowspeeder mold reminds me of something that's bugged me since the POTF2 line first hit, why are the interiors of the ships still being ignored? The interior of the TIE Fighter is a small plain chair with a sticker and a ton of empty around it. The interior of the Falcon is not up to snuff at all, and the attempts to redesign the cockpit have failed. The Landspeeder has 2 bland seats and a stick shift for the hover gimmick. The AT-AT cockpit is pretty boring. The Snowspeeder cockpit is minimalistic. The Slave I interior is downright depressing since you get to see so much of it. I don't remember the AT-ST cockpit being anything at all. And the Cloud Car - which hasn't been reused - is downright abysmal inside.

If you're gonna keep reusing these old molds, at least update their interiors so they don't just look like the insides of blank mold cavities.