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    Arrow interest? from other folks?

    have we a grass roots ground swell on our hands?

    we always knew that galoob was da dope, and the potwhatever wuz whack! bout time people started realizing that mm's is where it's at!

    i keep trying to goad xuff,foc, and boba fett into coming over here from xanthra, but in less you wanna talk in the 3rd person all the time, and blow each other up, (or slice a limb, decapitate, etc...etc...) they don' wanna play.

    the more people's we get's over here, to keep mm's alive, the better chance we might have in seeing this line continued!!!!
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    Thumbs down it needs to be said, so I'LL say it:

    TOONTO sucked. it was always lame- except, of course, when i created the "toonces the driving cat" persona and drove em all offa cliff, that is

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    Arrow speakin' of personas over at the ol' buzz

    i always wondered, who initiated alpha beta storm?

    of course if ya gotta kill me after tellin' me, then i don't gotta know that bad!

    as fer what tooto became, i agree, it took on a lame persona rather quickly, however, as i recall, i was amused with the threads original premis, do you open your toys?, and how it was cleverly done in a 12 step program settin'.
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    Exclamation proper operational designations:

    storm alpha, storm beta (apr. and sept '99, respectively)
    mandant: "enabran tain" (actual identity to be disclosed only on aforementioned kill/tell basis )
    executor: moi

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    Smile what memories...

    Wow...GSJ...I didn't think that anyone actually remembered TOONTO, much less how it started...Although it became something far different from what I intended, it was fun for a while...

    brings a tear to my old eye to think that somebody still remembers...

    Ross W. Jarvis

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    Arrow woo hoo! welcome back from the void mr. jarvis!

    where ya been keepin yourself of late?

    tawk about a ghost from x-mas past (any of you toontonites start singin' carols, your gonna get such a pinch)

    i completely forgot it wuz you who started that roller coaster off and running!

    welcome to the new and improved ssg. as we are the only ongoing, always something fun to tawk about, mm based (well sometimes loosely) and all things sw/st galoob chat room (well at least the only one which counts)(imho) , why's doncha sit a spell, and join in on a regular basis?

    we'd be honored if you would join us.

    i don't know how often you check in (i do recall you postin' something about a year ago) but as it has now been nearly two years since the destruction of the buzz, and we is still goin' strong, you might wanna think about makin' this your waterin' hole.

    anyway, great to hear from you (and in such timely fashion i might add), as you can tell, we wuz jes tawkin' bout your baby!(which of course leads me to believe that although you don't chat much, you do stop in and hover about, just to see what might be cookin)
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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Toonto? - Que?


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    To Open Or Not Too Open = the acronym TOONTO. It was an old long thread; an institution for some of the old BBers on the old Galoob board. Some of us were never visitors but VT invented a c-frequenter of the TOONTO thread called Toonces, a cat that allowed us to kill off anyone in the thread by a car crashing off a cliff at the end of the post. Altho’ Toonces appearances were infrequent – can’t remember who held the password for his appearances, this - it was all VT’s brainchild.

    Oh, the original point of the thread was to discuss the pros and cons of opening your mms/afs or not. It shortly descended into role playing - a few BBers who never posted to any other threads squatting exclusively in the TOONTO thread.

    Not being into fanfic and rpg meself, I think I only visited once when I killed off JT (RandyRanger) by accident. There are rumours that my Glamour may’ve been seen in there recently

    No doubt someone after me will post something more accurate. You know facts don’t sit well with us arty types. Besides this is like 3 years ago so…

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    OMG! First a TOONTO mention and then Ross? What next, someone complaining that JKF isn't on enough? VT insulting everybody and everything in posts longer than your arm? Military Buzz Boarders coming in and saying how stupid we all are for liking Star Wars?

    I miss the buzz board, friggin' Hasbro!!!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    LOL - I just remembered the military buzzers! They DID, didn't they! Always coming in, disgorging some unintelligible yabber about nomansland and the superiority of military AFs and then just bugger off somewhere for a few weeks. I used to laugh my socks off

    It was funny.

    Poor Swaffy must'ev been in an awful quandary - as a military AF collector - about the unorthodox hit n fade 'tactics' of the plunderers



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