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    Okay, I'm here!

    All that stuff back at the BB, was some of the funniest things I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.
    I'm still trying to get ToyScrapper to come say hi to VT.
    And Toonces was the best ever.
    I can't believe no one has ever seen the SNL skit with Toonces as Arnold Schwartzen, Schwartzin, well you know who, it was called "The Tooncinator"
    Well anyways, I'm here.
    Let the screaming begin.

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    God I hate this place. It probably doesn't even censor CHEESE.

    NOTE to GSJ (as you'll probably only read this far): I do NOT plan on making a habit of posting. I merely checked to see where you'd gone and after seeing this had to set the record straight.

    Xuff and I try to rarely post in 3rd person on his BuzzBoard, but with BF there's just no other way sometimes. That board was intended first as a nostalgic location to be used soley for mm and sw discussion (as opposed to this over crowded/ over topical hell). Restarting the TOONTO was secondary (as it existed as an escape from the heated debates or lack of activity - plus neither Xuff nor I felt we had the proper authority to really restart it as Ross, Rich, Eclipse, and even R2-MO were the principle "moderators").

    A clarification of the "To Open Or Not To Open" thread (archived here): This thread was probably one of the longest and most unique threads on the board in which people assumed the role of people in an OA meeting (Openers Annoymous for those collectors who can't resist the urge to open products as beautiful as Galoob mm's). Lasting for about 2.5 years it had three main phases. The first phase, "The RomanGalactic Empire," began with the second post as Ben "Caesar" George declared himself Emperor. A battle of sophisticated nature ensued as people opted to become his advisor or score a redhead from Purple Dave's Planet of the Redheads. With the only true violence caused by Callista and Boba Fett as they could not come up with non-violent ways of showing their dislike of "Caesar" (and his retalliations) a trial for Boba Fett ensued (unfortunately this, and all other semi-related threads were lost). The notorious second phase, "The Bob Empire," for which most people began to despise this thread, consisted of a war between BOB CATHTY (aka Bob Cathey) and Boba Fett over Bob's way of writing one thosand as 1.000 instead of 1,000. Lacking all intelligence this phase ended under Richard Krueger's mind-nubbingly boring (though non-violent, sensical, and much needed) guidance (and RPG, also lost). The third phase, The Parody, began as Giordi Laforge and I (Friend of Clam) started as an immature race to ditch "Newbie" status and make names for ourselves (as far as I'm concerned I won). As this wore on a star wars parody developed which caused the thread to almost double in size. The phase ended with Boba Fett (now Thoth hotep) going overboard (again) and alienating Darth Maul before going into Board-wide mourning.

    Though not the main feature of that board, it certainly gave it a sense of personality this board lacks (I blame it more on the every-post-at-once format). I also prefered it to the myriad of bring back stmm's posts.

    If you wish to respond to this or would like more information please take it to the Xanthra or my E-Mail address ( as I do not wish to return here.
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    My Virgin Eyes!

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    Re: My Virgin Eyes!

    Originally posted by Friend of Clam


    btw, welcome to ssg ya big palooka!

    np: emerson lake and palmer - karn evil 9, 1st movement 2nd part

    welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
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    geez foc, just cuz every1 here thinks toonto's to Lame to bother doing here. . .

    . . .doesn't mean you gotta skulk away all Mad
    i agree with you that the key word to describe the xanthra reincarnation is "nostalgic". i.e. No Longer Relevant
    to answer jdah's wonderin, actually Several of you possessed the key to the tooncemobile at one time or another; i passed the password among a number of you so you could all take a lethal spin behind that wheel, whether or not you were familiar with the original snl toonces premise (a cat who could drive a car. . .just not very well)
    baal: i know about tooncinator, but who's toyscrapper again? someone you've kept in touch with from the galooBB?
    np: toonces theme song
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    for those who wish to experience some of the fun and games which had transpired.....

    ........over at the buzz board, i direct you to The BBS 1 Political Debate Forum, mr. touch is in typical form, wielding his words as a jedi master would handle the light saber.

    mr. touch exhibits in these direct, point and counterpoint thrusts why he is the bane to all scalpers and hypocrites who inhabit the mm space world.

    unfortunately the horizontal scroll control for this lively debate has been lost in a black hole somewhere, and to properly view it without giving up in frustrated angst, it is recommended that the entire text be selected, copied and then pasted (using paste special and then selecting unformatted text) into your favorite word processor. i've tried this out in both word and word perfect, and it works just fine.

    since his banning back in 98 from the buzz board, mr. touch was the publisher, editor, writer, and copy boy of the bbanned vt update e-mails which i am sure if interested, mr. touch would be more than happy to provide upon request.

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    Red face publisher? editor? copyboy? i really Was underpaid ;P

    but gsj neglects to mention that, though the conflict was sincere enough, it was also being strategically flared to serve a larger purpose. knowing that May undrcut some of its subsequent breathtaking force
    but hey, if it's the God Of Fire of old you seek, might dig this
    np: elvis, "burnin love"

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    btw - Jeddah, re: "Poor Swaffy must'ev been in an awful quandary - as a military AF collector - about the unorthodox hit n fade 'tactics' of the plunderers....." I wish I'd been more involved in the forum back then. It sounds like it was lively, to say the least. I only posted a few times to the BuzzBoard, but read it a lot. Say, as long as you're reading this (maybe?), can you clear-up a translation problem for me? I just watched the movie "Snatch" - loved it!!!! It reminded me of a cross between Peter Sellers' "After the Fox" and Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs." But can you explain something for me (like EVERYTHING Brad Pitt said in the entire movie?????????????? -- just kidding
    ), no really, is a "pikey" slang for a gypsy? Does England really have gypsies? I mean, like, Romanian or eastern european nomadic bands of con-artists roaming around the land? Brad Pitt's character didn't look or sound eastern european!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    Bloody right we have gypsies

    In fact, there is a semi-permanent camp about 2 miles from where I live in North Lancashire and literally hundreds of them pass through my town.

    Forget the old romantic notion of Romany travellers - most UK gypsies (including Brads Pikey Mikey) are Irish tinkers.

    I have personally had several bad experiences with these folk - like when I was managing a hotel and a gypsy wedding was booked - they caused about 22,000.00 worth of damage and the staff had to remove several human faeces from the carpet - lovely job.


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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    soz couldn't resist ;p



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