have we all got something better to do of late? or do we not like these "new and improved" forums? (see my analogy 8/21/01 under vt the bouty hunter legend thread)

it's been 8 days since this puppy's been up and running, and we seem to have quite a drop off on the amount of chatter one usually finds here. (82 posts total)

i usually pop in in the morning, post to a couple of threads, and then check in again about lunch time expectin' to see a flurry of activity, however, lately it seems i keep checkin in and my morning post seems to be the last post standing.

(hell, i've even takin to goading xuff and boba fett over at xanthra into toontoesque blood baths just to keep a running dialouge going).

anyway, i was just wondering if it was the "new forums" which have resulted in a drop off, or if we're just coincidentally off and doing other things to keep us from posting with our usual gusto!