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    Angry where is everybody???!!!!???!!

    have we all got something better to do of late? or do we not like these "new and improved" forums? (see my analogy 8/21/01 under vt the bouty hunter legend thread)

    it's been 8 days since this puppy's been up and running, and we seem to have quite a drop off on the amount of chatter one usually finds here. (82 posts total)

    i usually pop in in the morning, post to a couple of threads, and then check in again about lunch time expectin' to see a flurry of activity, however, lately it seems i keep checkin in and my morning post seems to be the last post standing.

    (hell, i've even takin to goading xuff and boba fett over at xanthra into toontoesque blood baths just to keep a running dialouge going).

    anyway, i was just wondering if it was the "new forums" which have resulted in a drop off, or if we're just coincidentally off and doing other things to keep us from posting with our usual gusto!
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    I bet things will pick up after the new waves and ships hit.

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    Angry sheesh, we've been waitin two years fer sumthin' new

    that's never stopped us before from being chatty!
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    I know that personally, I have felt that things have been in a slump for a while. I find myself without much to say for some reason, I guess mostly because it's all been said at this point. Now see, sitting here talking about it, well, thats giving me something to say.

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    Arrow speakin for myself. . .

    . . .to quote david patrick kelly's reply (in 48 Hrs.) to the parking garage attendant who expressed astonishment that dpk'd left his car there for Three Years: "i binn BIZZEEEEE!!!!"
    still am, but meanwhile if it's a fun scrap you're lookin for, maybe the scalper and 1001 threds here'll serve for the time being
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    Evenin' all,

    I think that not everybody knows that the forum has moved.

    I know that I didn't until GSJ emailed me!



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    looks like a good scrap could be had over there!

    btw, vt, when you next speak to your pal, tokyo joe, see if he has any info on this. it's awsome! the article also mentions something about a tie fighter!!! i was doing a google search for tsukuda hobby, when i stumbled upon this x-wing. if possible, i would love one!
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    I have not been posting as much because I do not want to get addicted to this new forums.
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    I'd have to agree with Fulit. It seems that Micro Machines have all but disappeared from the shelves from local stores and all the questions or points that I did have, have been exhausted or answered. I guess I am running out of things to say. But on a brighter note, I found a Toyfare Dagobah X-wing for 10 buckaroos and an AF Flash Speeder for $5 at a Flea Market last Sunday But pretty much all of my collecting efforts have shifted to POTJ for the time being (until the next wave of MM comes out).
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    Boy, that X-wing model is fantastic, I wish the Action Fleet one looked like that! Wow, do I feel like a sell-out for saying that.

    Anyway, I can see where it'd feel kinda like MM is a non-discussion anymore because of the lack of product, but I personally have not been posting in here lately because I've been busy moderating these forums and other stuff. But I actually have been seeing a lot more interest in MMs from other folks lately, so we should start more conversations, like why SOMEONE better start some new Trek MMs soon or my head is going to implode.

    Good finds LBC! $10 for that X-wing is less than retail!
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