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    Looks like Black Sabbath is back again... sorta

    From Yahoo! News:

    Black Sabbath members to form new band

    LOS ANGELES - The Black Sabbath boys are back, as the new band Heaven and Hell. Guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ronnie James Dio former members of British metal supergroup Black Sabbath are forming the band named after their 1980 hit, according to their publicist. They plan to launch an international tour next year.

    "The fans have been wanting to see this for years and years. Now was just the time," publicist Maureen O'Connor said Wednesday.

    Since its formation in 1969, Black Sabbath has undergone numerous member changes and reunions.

    Dio, who replaced original Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne as part of the band's early '80s lineup, has been recording new songs with Iommi in England, O'Connor said.
    Interesting news. Looks like the second incarnation of the band may be back with a vengeance, which would be nice in an era where Ozzy has become little more than a reality TV joke.
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    I heard this on the radio this morning. They were saying that Ozzy and his wife own the name Black Sabbath and want money to use the name. There was also mention of a new album, but I don't know if they were talking about "Black Sabbath" or "Heaven and Hell".
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    I thought Iommi owned the name that is why he always stuck around while the other parts kept coming and going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    I thought Iommi owned the name that is why he always stuck around while the other parts kept coming and going.
    I thought so too. Maybe Ozzy is as crazy as he seems. Crazy like a fox. Could be he and Sharon made some legal moves and out maneuvered Iommi for the name.
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    That's true Jim Jam, cuz by the time the band was run completely into the ground it was only Iommi left and whatever session musicians he assembled for that particular album.

    Maybe after the Reunion with Oz they all regained partial ownership? Or maybe Tony doesn't even want to start mark 129 of the Sabbath lineup?

    I don't know how I feel about this, I think it's kind of interesting actually. I love Black Sabbath and I love Ozzy's solo work...I'm not very into non-Oz Sabbath. Still, I'd say Heaven and Hell is a damn good album so I tip my cap to Dio on that one ! Mob Rules was good too but by then they were down to 50% since Ward was gone, too. Then a decade or so (?) later they brought Dio back for a 3rd record, Time Machine, and I never really got into that one.

    I think it's better that they are doing this without the Sabbath name, I liked that they reunited with Ozzy (especially after they did it in the proper sense with Bill Ward joining them) so I'd rather that name just remain as it is.

    I do like Dio though so I'm curious to see what comes out of this. I'm also curious to get mabs' opinion.

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    Ahh Caesar, how'd ya know I'd weigh in on this thread ???

    Oddly enough, I am kinda saddened by this turn of events- seeing DIO was CHEAP the last few times, but with the Sabbath name attached, tix will be more expensive...

    That being said, all the Sabbath guys still have their chops together (excepting Ozzy, so dropping him was IMO the smartest thing they could do- last time a buddy of mine saw Sabbath with Ozzy there was another dude onstage singing all Ozzys parts so they had a double in case his voice crapped out) and Dio, hell, he's still DIO, so the entertainment value is right up there

    If you have not heard the album Live Evil (and IF it's still out there) check into it, not the best recording but it IS Dio doing all classic Sabbath tunes and gives a good idea of what to expect

    So musically I think it's a good idea, tho the past troubles they've had working together might derail this effort as well...

    The one thing that really excites me is the possibility of a new album- Dios last few have been REALLY hard to enjoy, with only a song or two each that doesn't get fast-forwarded. If the new band has any business sense, they'll have a disc recorded before next summer since there's no real metal in the mainstream anymore and these guys already have the market positioning

    Hell, as long as Ronnie is still makin money and performing live, I'm happy, he is my fave "single performer" and has NEVER failed to make me rock out when I've seen him perform Isobaws&
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    And as long as RJD doesn't severe any more fingers with a garden gnome, he'll be able to keep performing for you, mabs ! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    And as long as RJD doesn't severe any more fingers with a garden gnome, he'll be able to keep performing for you, mabs ! ! !
    Will RJD while on stage tell the history of the "metal horns" and how he invented them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    God, I hope so.
    So did it happen?


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