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    Question I'm confussed... got some questions about AOTC...

    1. In TPM Padme was the Queens decoy name... but now I see it's her real name as titled on the figures... ???

    2. Where doe's the Fett's armour come from (Heard too many different stories now), doe's Boba use his fathers one in the future with a different paint job... ???

    3. The Slave-1, well basically the same question as I see that the colour scheme is diffirent... ???


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    1. Sabe is Queen Amidala's decoy. She took Amidala's place when leaving Naboo, while the Queen was in Mos Espa, and at the end in the red/green battle gown. Padme is the Queen (now Senator)'s real name.

    2/3. Boba inherits Jango's armor and helmet at the end of AOTC. Slave 1 also becomes his when Jango is beheaded.

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    i recall reading a while back that natalie portman's character is "padme amidala naberrie".

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    I thought Amidala was the official naboo representative title she used while naberrie is her birth name. Because she is still involved in public affairs she keeps the public name. perhaps as an honorary thing for having been the Queen. Kind of like an Admiral is always an Admiral even after they leave the navy. Or like Princess Diana was known as Princess even though the Queen took the title away (the cow!) it became the title that Diana was known as because it was what she always had been known as in public and civic duty. Do you get what I'm trying to hash out here? I'm making a pigs ear of this. Too... tired... to...type....any.... more.............

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    I agree with Jargo. it's kind of like Amidala is a functionary name. Sort of like the Pope is called John Paul II even though that's not his birth name. Padme is the name Momma and Poppa Naberrie gave her all those years ago...

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    I'm Confused!

    In Episode I Padme was called Padme Naberrie, in Episode II her second name is Amidala but the rest of her family are called Naberrie. What's going on?

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    Amidala's her middle name.


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