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    Anyone repaint figures routinely?

    Just wondered if I was alone in repainting my star wars figures to more movie accurate schemes/effects.

    having dumped most of my collection and just having Tatooine stuff now I'm systematically going through each figure and referencing the movies and design work to get correct colours etc. like repainting kitik Keed'Kak the right green colour or stuff like greedo's boots and jacket and skin colour.

    I used to shy away from repainting them when i thought there might actually be a value to the figures like with vintage but that's long been dispelled as a reason from my mind so now I just see them like toy soldiers of a sort and want to make them look as accurate as possible.

    Personally i prefer enamel paints. Acrylic is too thick and gloopy and I just don't like how it turns out. mostly i use a mix of gloss and matt paint to get a plasticy satin sheen. Or several very thin coats of different shades of paint to build up a look like the translucency of skin. or even ground in dirt like you get on a spaceship or droid.

    And I always mix my own colours, never rely on the paint colours as bought because they're far too limiting.

    Hopefully having now started this thread I'll use it to show off my handiwork. Once the paint dries and I reach a level of satisfaction where I'm happy to show off stuff.

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    My plan is to wait until the line dies an then go through and see what I need to do from paint jobs to building landscapes for dioramas. I have a bunch of acrylic paint from painting miniatures for D&D, but I don't think they would look the best.
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    i think the last figure i repainted was Saga R5-D4. since hasbro didn't bother to paint the panels on the back, i took the liberty of doing so. i use acrylics btw and i've been told by other customizers not to use enamels. as such, i use dullcoat sealant afterwards and i prefer the dull look to hasbro's sheen.

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    I'm one of the few who uses both paints. I use enamels for the metal and color selection (much more than acrylics) but I also follow the directions for stirring, dilluting and clean up. Have the added benefit of being more chip resistant and don't need sealing. But acrylics do the job most of the time.

    I don't do minor tweaks. I will do whole sale repaints to droids to add variety. I had to repaint an entire R5-D4 to make an R5-M4 (the Hoth Hangar one) because the body was way too dirty. I remember getting the dome done a nice black, and looked at it, and it looked terrible. Had to do a white wash to get it...UGH frustrating.
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    only problem i have with enamels is that some of the matt colours are a bit thin.

    something most people complain about with enamels is that they stay sticky.
    I found that by mixing the matt and gloss it helps get past that plus enamels dry better in colder conditions. They don't dry too well in warm places.

    I tried acrylics but found the paint was too thick and gloopy and dried way too fast. just wasn't happy with the finish or the durability of it.

    Something else I always go for is quality artists brushes. Either sable or soft acrylic bristles. depends what I'm doing. I also use Q-tips for colour washes and various old brushes for scrubbing 'dirt' into cracks and joints.

    Only tool I'm missing is one of those big anglepoise lamps with a magnifying lens attached. now that my eyes are starting to deteriorate it's pretty much needed. as is masking tape and latex masking, my hands aren't as steady as they were so a little assistance is needed.

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    I've been customizing / re-painting figures since before the '95 POTF line. I love to create my own figures and looks, and agree that some of the figures really need a touch-up here and there.
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    So when do we get to se some of yer work, Jargo-lad??
    Ya got me curious Isobaws&
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    when I can be arsed setting up the stoopid digicam and getting lighting and settings right to show the true splendour of my 'humble' work. I'm at a stage where some are almost finished but require last minute touch ups. and some are half way through in needof various over washes or whatever.

    I was working on Dr. Evaan from the cantina bar set with Kitik. gave him darker pants. a wash of dirt over his vest. repainted his shirt so it wasn't covered in poop. and I repainted his face to try and get it something like near approaching the dude from the movie.
    I redid Kitik the right green colours. can't be bothered with repainting Wuher so I'm just going t cut off his hand and swap it with the original release Wuhers hand. thus giving him a nice open hand which I will repaint.

    I'm doing two Nabrun Leids' and three Gamorreans. Two greedos, Labria, Ephant Mon, Ellors Madak, Dannik Jerikko, Chewbacca, Bib Fortuna. couple of astro droids, Droopy McCool, Max Rebo's red ball jett organ, SOTE swoop, and that's just for starters.

    I reckon the mustafar lava miner will make a sweet coneheaded swoop rider from ANH SE.

    I'm also doing some real customising with limb hacking and glue and stuff. those will take me longer as I'm waiting for cash to buy new figures to use as parts. but that's mostly going to be stuff like tatooine locals and podrace spectator type stuff.

    So the answer Mabs is soon. I think.

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    Excellent, spoken like a true "project man" Bro, lookin forward to the grand unveiling, from seing work of yours online I know you're a real aesthetics freak and seeing your treatment of these figs should be pretty cool Isobaws&
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    OK here are some repaints. The pics aren't great coz I've forgotten how to use the damn camera.

    first up is a quick redo of Ephant Mon's skin colour. The one I got was very light grey and had legs of a darker colour so i unified his fleshtone and then rubbed over the paint while it was drying to let some of the lighter grey come through. simple and i like it a lot better than it was. I also repainted his hair with a slight glosy sheen so it looks greasy.
    Looking at the robes in the pic here it's clear they need some work too. I'll get round to that some time.


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