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    Question What Do You Still WANT To Do?

    As a companion thread to the "What Have YOU Done?" are there goals and plans you haven't yet accomplished, but want to? They say it's good to have goals, but trying to achieve them is part of the thrill.

    (in no particular order)
    1. Travel to Egypt, Greece, Chicago, NYC, Galapagos Isl.
    2. Finally write my book, dang it!
    3. See games at the Pittsburgh pro sports teams' new venues (Heinz Field, PNC Park, Mellon Arena)
    4. Sell my 1200+ comic book collection (for a decent amount, of course)
    5. Catch a foul ball at a baseball game
    6. Perform a stand-up comedy routine at a club on open mic night
    7. Take a good visit back in Ohio where I'm, from (at least 2 weeks)
    8. Get accepted to compete on Jeopardy!
    9. Get a poem/short story published
    10. ?
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    A very good companion thread Bel-Cam.

    1. Finish my Ph.D thesis
    2. Keep a girlfriend longer than 4 months
    3. Have a paper published in a professorial journal
    4. Complete my Lego cathedral
    5. Visit all 50 states
    6. Visit Scotland
    7. Visit Japan (that's easy, I'm going in December)
    8. Have a story (short or long) published
    9. Get a job (see 1.)
    10. Get married (see 2.)
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    Off the top of my head and in no particular order (other then the first one and that Brewer thing ):

    Be happy in a job that I will find to be a challenge and allow me to cross off other thigns on my list.

    Visit Ireland, I can trace my dad's side of the family back to around 1750 in Ireland and I'd love to visit the area where my family came from.

    Own and restore a house.

    Write something that makes it into a academic work/book.

    Bicycle up L'Alpe d'Huez.

    Visit Normandy.

    Watch the Brewers in person at the World Series.

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    1. Get passed my comprehensive exams/finish the PhD thesis.
    2. Survive the upcoming wedding
    3. Get a job related to #1
    4. End baseball and golf as competitive "sports". Relegate to the status of bowling (anything that one can drink and do reasonably well isn't a sport)
    5. Retroactively terminate people I decide are idiots removing them and all who spawned them and possibly could spawn more like them from the genome (remember, you wanted to know what I wanted to do!)
    6. Did I mention take over the universe yet?
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    post another 10,000 times at SSG

    publish my memoirs

    (these go hand in hand)

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    visit New Zealand. Eastern Europe and the rest of Northern Europe. South America. Canada. Japan. Hong Kong.

    have something I've written made into a TV show or movie.

    perform in at least one movie where I'm recognisable and onscreen for long enough to be able to point and scream "That's me!" to whoever is there watching.

    find the remaining five people to make up my harem. one for every day of the week.

    conquer my sociophobia and anxiety disorder.

    prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that my ancestry goes back and is tied to King Edward III of England.

    Be the first person to have their brain successfully transplanted into another body. (this one is crap. I want a refund)

    become a celebrity asassin and wipe out z list liggers and celebs who frankly don't deserve the air they breathe.

    have a street named after me.

    be remembered.

    find my inner self and drag him kicking and screaming into being the outer self.

    find a virus that will wipe out all cats globally - permanently. and then die off.

    build a secret base on a pacific island underneath a seemingly innoccuous holiday home. with a submarine and jet plane and yacht and speedboats. and a rocket to the moon.

    discover an oil field so rich it'll serve the world for hundreds of years. and make it British. do something for our economy.

    donate liberally to the sperm bank.

    find somewhere to live that isn't plagued by feral children and junkies.

    be the artist I know I am and make pots of cash selling works to rich people with more money than sense.

    quit smoking.

    go vegetarian.

    indulge in colonic irrigation just because it's gross and it would amuse me.

    find Osama Bin Laden , bigfoot, the yeti, and all those other fabled creatures of the night. then shoot em dead.

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    Eat a Buick.
    That's my jacket!

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    Poop in the shower.

    Graduate from college
    Take a WWII tour of Europe
    Revisit Washington, D.C.
    Own a home with a finished basement and well-stocked bar, all done by me
    Raise two awesome kids
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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    Watch my kids (and their kids) grow up and find nice people to live happily ever after with.

    Live in a house that's completely paid for (preferably one that's owned by me ).

    Lose some friggin' weight already.

    Learn to stop buying collectibles that I "need" so that I can focus on those that I truly "want", and will enjoy having.

    Make a smooth transition from policing in BC to policing in Ontario (a whole different ballgame, believe it or not).

    Retire at 51, and go to work at a job I really love for another 9 or 10 years after that.

    Read all the unread comics & novels I've accumulated over the years (I've read lots mind you, but I have a LONG way to go).

    Comprehend whey people are still watching Survivor.


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