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    Big Brother 2014

    Time to waste another summer watching the lab rats.

    This two-night premiere intrigues me.

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    Geez, some of these people are real a-holes. Devin might be one of the biggest douche to play the game. The only genuine people in the house, it seems, are Donny, tattoo girl and Nicole.

    The Bomb Squad will last another week or two before it implodes. It's just too big. Eight? C'mon.

    Have to give props to Joey. She tried to get the all-girl alliance going but was it too early? I think she went with the wrong people.

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    More than usual this year, when I watch in high-def, I've noticed zits and pimples on the ladies' faces. Nicole might be the worst; still a cute girl but boy do the zits show. Britney isn't too far behind.

    King Devin's reign is over. Thank goodness. He was so FOS it wasn't funny. Glad Zach called him out. Devin's now public enemy #1.


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