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    The Official Daily Show/Colbert Report Thread!

    I don't really have anything to say at the moment. I just uploaded the rockin' Samantha Bee avatar to spite Caesar and his defense of that half-baked fake newsman Borat, and realized there's no single place to discuss this, the greatest hour of television. So discuss, and make this post worthwhile!

    I'll say this much: I'm glad to have the goofy-looking lady back. The "new blood" has yet to really prove itself, and with Colbert, Carrell, and the funny Corrdry brother having moved to other projects, and Mo Rocca facedown in an alley somewhere, she's now officially the funniest correspondent on the show. Last week's bit about her coming home to Columbus (despite being from Canada) and completely BS'ing the whole report was comedy gold. Especially her breastfeeding her baby while at waiting on tables at Hooters.

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