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    And what was last night's Final Jeopardy answer? "What/Who is Stephen Colbert?" (it was from the category "Space News," based on him getting the name of some piece of equipment on the space station [their treadmill, IIRC]). Makin' it big!
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    It was a pretty easy Final Jeopardy question, since it gave the full name of the treadmill (which was a backronym for Colbert).
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Guess who's on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a speed skating outfit...
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    And guess who's on TDS January 5.

    Give up? It's George Lucas, to talk about the book Blockbusting. Unexpected, to be sure.
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    But the more important question is: will they cowtow to him, or overtly/subtly mock him?
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Cowtow, definitely. Jon Stewart freely admits that he kisses up to every guest.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    I've met a guest from the CR! Arthur Benjamin, the mathemagician, was on Wed. night. His skills, while unusual, are quite amazing (his appearance on the show does not do him justice).
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    Jon Stewart has a new look, but I shan't say how. And he had one of his serious shows last night.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    And he had one of his serious shows last night.
    Let me guess, an extra special show where he rips on Republican's?

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    No, I'd say it was bipartisan anger.
    "That's what Sheev said."


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