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    I like Paul and John as a duo, but the sum of their collaborations is much greater than them as individuals. Sure, solo they had "Maybe I'm Amazed" and "Imagine," but those are kinda flukes. Sorry. John Lennon is not the greatest songwriter ever.
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    Best Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Best Song: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". It's just my favorite of theirs, even though I also love "Eleanor Rigby", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", "All You Need Is Love" and "Yesterday".

    Worst Song: "When I'm Sixty Four". It just doesn't appeal to me.

    Favorite Beatle: John
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Okay, since we have Favorite Album, Favorite Song, and Least Favorite Song, why not add to the fun?

    Favorite Beatle?
    Note: "Fifth Beatles" (primarily Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best, Billy Preston, and Eric Clapton) are ineligible.

    I'm going with George.
    What about Yoyo Ono? I mean Yoko Ono? I vote yoko.
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    Another Question: Best and Worst cover versions of Beatles' tunes ?

    Best: Aerosmith doing Come Together (and Helter Skelter as well since they play it live sometimes), Tesla doing We Can Work it Out, Tiffany doing "I Saw Him Standing There" (kidding about that last one...kinda ).

    Worst: Hello, Goodbye on that annoying phone commercial, the new Macy's ad where they butcher that song whose title I'm blanking on but you know what I mean, and Motley Crue doing Helter Skelter.

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    The worst thing about the Beatles is knowing everytime their songs are used in a commercial, Michael Jackson's bank account goes "cha-ching"

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    Didn't Michael Jackson sell the rights to the Beatles because he needed the money?
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    best cover - magical mystery tour by cheap trick (but aerosmith does come together well).

    worst cover - ticket to ride by the carpenters.

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    Carpenters' "Ticket to Ride" does, uh, exhale heavily.

    Best... much tougher. Let me get back to you on that.
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    Best: Alot of Beatles covers out there especially Come Together. I happen to like U2's version of Helter Skelter.

    Worst: Tiffany's
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