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    Quick question about the Beatles

    Okay, the reason for this thread is that I've never found two people who can agree on what the Beatles' best work was.

    So--and don't mull this over; just answer with the first thing to come to mind!--what do you think was the one greatest album and one greatest song by the Beatles?

    Album: Abbey Road

    Song: Eleanor Rigby
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    Awesome thread idea, Chux. Especially since I've been listening to them damn near non-stop lately.

    Album: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

    The song was the toughest part. I wanted to put Strawberry Fields, I am the Walrus, or a Day in the Life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    The song was the toughest part. I wanted to put Strawberry Fields, I am the Walrus, or a Day in the Life.
    No kidding. If I'd posted it just a few minutes later, the answer could've been Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Rocky Raccoon, I Saw Her Standing There, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, I Am the Walrus, heck, any of about thirty other songs.
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    Tough question sChux, I could run a bunch off. I cant recall the album but I am going with :

    Song: The continuing adevntures of Bungaloo Bill.
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    album: sgt. pepper's
    song: we can work it out.

    the song was hard to stick with cause after seeing your second post chux i nearly changed it to something.

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    Though every album of theirs is good to me, my band currently does six of their tunes: "Something", "Run for your life", "Ballad of John and Yoko", "Norwegian Wood", "Michelle", "Things we said today". There's alot of Rubber Soul in there, but my personal favorite is Abbey Road. Favorite Song is "I want you" This album is their peak musically. The later stuff the songs are alot harder to play also because well, they were better musicians as they got older. This is just my (a guitarist's) point of view.

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    Album: Abbey Road

    Song: Help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Droid
    Worst Cover: Anything from the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band though Donald Pleasance singing I Want You may take the cake. If you aren't aware of this fiasco check the web. The Bee Gees and various celebrities perform the Beatles' hits! How did it fail?
    Ugh. I started watching some of this crap the other day just to see how bad it was, and I barely got ten minutes in. They had to freakin' take every single reference in that album (and others, too) and put it in the movie. Mr. Kite, Strawberry Fields (a person???), Billy Shears, and everything else. I had to just turn it right off when the Bee Gees appeared, I mean, come on now.
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    Everything from that movie isn't bad. Aerosmith's "Come Together" was quite good. However, I will grant you that it's my least favorite Aerosmith cover of a Beatles tune.

    Who aside from Caesar can be the first to name the others without cheating?
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