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    Bantha reissue and other TRU stuff

    From the folks at RS:
    There have been a few new SKUs showing up in the old TRU mainframe:

    Star Wars 3.75 Bantha w/ Tusken Raider SKU # 800705. $44.99 Retail
    Star Wars Expanded Universe SKU # 631741. $10.99 Retail
    Star Wars Vintage Collection SKU # 759640. $9.99 Retail

    Seems that the TRU warehouse is almost out of stock on their exclusive Dagobah X-Wing and Endor AT AT and they have shipped their entire stock of the TIE Fighter w/ pilot. Don't expect these three exclusives to be on the shelves for much longer.
    Cool, I never got the Bantha. I wonder what the EU things are, the comic packs? And it looks like we'll definitely be getting more vintage-style figures.

    Damn, I need to get the current exclusives.
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    I wasnt able to get the POTF2 Bantha either, so im looking forward to this one. Hopefully these new vintage figures arent such hard core pegwarmers like these last one were, thats a sure way to kill that line. Im always up for new EU stuff, so these could be either really exciting or poor, cant really say without knowing what they actually are.
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    It's about dang time they rerelease the Bantha. It's probably the best beast released thus far and in dire need of reissuing.

    Now they just need to release the TaunTaun packs again...
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I assume the EU packs are the comic packs. It's nice to see the Bantha but at that pricepoint I'm hoping there is nothing that make me want it.
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    $45 for the Bantha seems a little steep. I don't remember how much I paid in 1998, but $25 seems close. Yikes. Still, its a great toy with its realistic fur.
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    i hope the bantas a lil lighter than the last one.
    i found mine at a brand names going out of business ,
    bought 3 of um and a rancor for 2.99 a pop.
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    I got two. cool beast. don't reckon there's much point wasting time waiting for the bantha to clearance. it's likely to be a fast sellout on it. I may even get one myself, give myself a lil herd. I hope the hair is slightly different. a tad of variation. for that price though i'd be wanting the VOTC tusken raider riding it.

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    I think he was $30 the first time around. I got one at full price, and one when they were marked down to something like $7 at the local WM.
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    Nice! I didn't know the Bantha was being rereleased! I never got one and I had been eyeing e-bay for a while. Not anymore! Can't wait!

    any date on it?
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    ok, going to admit something now that will leave me shamefaced.

    I comb my banthas hair.

    like a girl.

    I now sing my BSLOS penance


    "Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky. Little boxes, on the hillside and they all look just the same. There's blue one and a pink one and a green one and a yeller one. Little boxes, on the hillside and they all look just the same"

    Thank you........


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