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    Y'know what I want?

    A nice glossy pages book containing production stills of all the extras from SW. all those people dressed up, went into make-up and hair and waited around patiently and then get shoved i the background in the dimmer lighting area and get lost when the main actors in close up hog the limelight.

    It'd be cool for all those people and me if a catalogue of costume reference shots were put together. front back and head shots. pics of any standout details. and any props they carried. Reference to where to look for them in the movie.

    it should include droids as they needed dressing just as much as the extras did.

    And it should span all six movies.

    I mean for any fan it'd be quite cool. For customisers it'd be a fantastic reference book. For non star wars people it would show them how much went into the saga and the amount of built in galaxy they created before they even moved the lead actors onto set.

    and speaking of set. a companion book in the same vein based around the sets and props built for the saga.

    the visual dictionary only goes so far and is really kid aimed. I'm taling about books to even surpass the chronicles book.

    the amount of photo reference on this saga is astoundingly vast. and yet it's not been collated and published in any coherent way. it's all catalogued at Skywalker ranch. can't be that hard to put together. books aimed at adults. glossy. picture packed. accurate data. the rarest of insights. and as I said, a real chance for the designers, costumiers and the extras themselves to shine.

    and as everyone signs away their soul when they sign a contract with LFL thereshouldn't be a problem with publishing anyone's likeness.

    whaddayer think?

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    i don't think i could afford anything as comprehensive as what you wish.

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    yeah but it is just wishful thinking.

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    they could release it as 6 volumes, one for each movie. and then have the companion set you want detailing sets and backdrops.

    as they film the tv series then you could get another set of books.

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    what actually prompted this was seeing an image I've never seen before of Ephant Mon stood in the archway leading to the trophy alcove of Jabba's throne room. with him were a Hnemthe, a Duro and an Aqualish. I've never spotted those three in the movie but it's pretty certain they were in an alcove somewhere. Unfortunately due to lighting, only the Hnemthe's costume is clear enough to study. the other two wear dark costumes and are in shade.

    I'm thinking a book about the same size as Steve Sansweets star wars encyclopedia from a few years back. not too unwieldly or massive like the chronicles book, but quite thick. I'm thinking a chapter on each designer and a chapter preface by that designer. then just a catalogue of designs and production stills side by side. very little text besides basic identification data.

    and yeah they should keep up the vis dictionary and incredible cross sections books when the tv show airs.

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    I'd like to know if Bossk was on set at Jabba's Palace. I've seen stills suggesting he was though I've never seen him in the film.

    I'm not sure the books would be marketable because I think they'd be too big and expensive. The Outlander club could probably be its own book.

    I would really like that for the cantina, Jabba's Palace, and sail barge/skiffs though. Like you, I want to know whose shadow I'm looking at.

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    I think they'll just keep leaking a few at a time, so they can charge us for each new book with unreleased material.
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    There is a way to sort of have your wish Mr. Daddypants... but a way, more dangerous than the Kraakan itself! Uh, sorry. They could make it a comprehensive but not entire photographic collection, i.e. having most but not all of the extras.

    For a brief taste though, check out the SW:365 book. It has many not-so-often seen pictures, some of which involve background shots.
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    See trisha bigger did that book called dressing a galaxy or something that sold for something like over three hundred dollars and came with fabric swatches and a wookiee belt buckle and certificate of authenticity yadda yadda but who the hell can afford that? she's avvin' a larf mates. besides which there was too much emphasis on lead actors costumes.

    I shall look into that there book thanks BCJ.

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    Star Wars 365 is close to what you want. Panoramic shots of the sets/behind the scenes. Sometimes you get the extras, sometimes not.
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