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    Quick question: Led Zeppelin

    The one about the Beatles seems to be going over well, so here's a second. Without giving it any thought (in other words, give the first answer to come to mind) what are your:



    Personally, I have to go with Led Zeppelin IV (which very narrowly beats LZ III) and "Over the Hills and Far Away."
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    I celebrate their entire collection.

    In fact, during my wedding ceremony, we had to choose some music while we lit the candles. I talked my wife into playing White Summer/Black Mountain side. It is a really good instrumental, but I don't want to call it my Favorite Led Zeppelin song...yet.

    Thanks Chux. Now I'm going to have to spend all weekend listening to Beatles and Zeppelin albums so I can answer your questions.
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    I've got to go with Led Zep III for best album and Over the Hills and Far Way for best. For me the album is easy, the song is hard. Immigrant Song and Kashmir are also very and I might have voted for them I had listened to either of them last.
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    i'm sure to be castigated mightily for it, but i've not listened to an entire zep album. the stuff i hear on the radio is enough to keep me from it. sorry just don't hear it, don't think they're that great. most of their stuff just sounds like noise to me and plant's vocals are grating.

    kashmir is a pretty rocking song though.

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    For song a toss up between Battle of Evermore and Ramble on.
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