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    Unproduced Anakin's Speeder

    Look what I just picked up off of ebay:

    I'm pretty sure this is the unproduced action fleet one from AOTC, but there seems to be no paint and no "hood" (did the hood of the speeder open as a play feature?). Also, look at the box. That's an old ep1 box, I think.
    Let me hear what you think of this one.
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    Actually it's the figure scale version and the speeder Anakin and Obi-Wan took was yellow so to save money Hasbro just used yellow material (hence the lack of paint). It also didn't have a hood at all, the hooded one was Zam's speeder.

    I believe sicqnus has photos of the unproduced AF Speeder. The packaging that was going to be used for that wave would've been the same as the Jango/Gunship/Clone Transport wave which was like a tray with a huge bubble covering it.
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    It is indeed the 3,3/4" one. Cool Test-shot/prototype with mock-up box. A valuable item. Will not loose on resale.

    You can see pics of the AF one here :
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    Well, now that is a bit of a disapointment....

    I was sure it was the AF one,

    Oh well, back on bay with it then, but this time properly named and categorized, and I'll see what I get back for it. Must be at least what I paid for it regardless, I would say.

    BTW, by "hood" I ment the part in front of the cockpit, like where the hood of a car would be if this were a car, not the canopy. I seems that the part I thought was missing is actually the exloding panel in that area (might still be missing, though)

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    BTW, Mr. Sicqnus: I trade you for the real unproduced Anakin speeder! (This one is bigger, so good deal for you!)

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    Yeah, I don't see the pop-out panels behind the engines anywhere, but that's how the final version was packaged, they were in a baggie at the bottom of the tray.
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    Great deal Robert! Even if 3,3/4 still looks cool. You can always trade it in the future with an action figure collector, and trust me: action figure collectors are many more than AF/MM collectors!
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    Don't you have one of they Sergui? I think I saw one in your photobucket. It's a shame that there are soooo few AF/MM collectors, would be nice to see more.
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    Mine is a 3,3/4" one and it'll be up for trade and sale soon together with all my PT action figs. Only Sicqnus has an AF Anakin Airspeeder.
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    bastard :P
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