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    Evil Dead 4......

    I was replying to a thread that was talking about Army of Darkness which reminded me of something.

    I heard from a friend who read in an article somewhere that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are gearing up to make a low budget horror film after Spiderman is released. Can this be Evil Dead 4? We can only hope. Hopefully the new Evil Dead Collectors Edition DVD that comes out in March will have some info on this. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    It'd be hard to top AOD in terms of pure camp. I'd like to see Ash on the big screen again, but not if it ruins the feel of the series.

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    In the latest issue of "Fangoria" magazine, on the little blurb page there is a statement made by Rob Tapert (producer/writer ED2, AOD) which says he will be teaming up with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell in an as yet UNNAMED low budget horror film.

    There have been rumors flying around for 5 years, but the popularity is at an all-time high, and this is the first "quasi-proof" we've actually gotten besides rumors.

    There have also been rumors of seeing mysterious scripts on the set of Spider-Man that weren't Spider-Man at all, but instead contained a character named Ash...

    Then agian just rumors though.

    I think with the resurgence and growth of popularity of this beloved trilogy, now would be a good time for an Evil Dead 4. AOD didn't do very well in the theaters, but the trilogy has sold a helluva lot of DVDs and reissues and so forth.

    Personally, if they made the plot similar to the video game, it would be good. Using the theatrical ending to AOD, Ash goes back to the cabin some 8 years after, to confront his fears. Then a lot of cool chainsaw and boomstick action occurs. I think that's all the fans want at this point. Pure Ash action.
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    To me Ash is what made the movies. I watch AOD everytime I get a chance to.
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    Fangoria, thank you Woolfwood319. That is where my friend read the article.

    I believe that if they are indeed intending to make and Evil Dead 4 that it would do surprisingly well at the box office. Many of the fans of the trilogy, myself included, were introduced to the series through video by friends. The first time I saw them was in 1994. I got my cousin interested in them also. It is by word of mouth that these films have drawn a fan base. There probably was no real fan base for the series back in 1993 when AOD was released in theatres, but many of the fans have since been introduced and would love an Evil Dead IV. Plus now that Sam Raimi is directing Spiderman his name will be a lot more memorable to movie audiences and could attract new Evil Dead fans.
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    Has there been any new speculation on Evil Dead 4 lately? Now that Spider-Man is almost in theaters, Raimi must be planning his next project . . .

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    Nothing more than that 2 line blurb in Fangoria a few months back. I do know that Bruce Campbell is planning another leg of his book tour, and that his site hasn't been updated in a while.

    Although ED popularity is at an all time high now with action figures, the new DVDs and whatnot. There would be no better time than right now to make another.
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Has there been any new speculation on Evil Dead 4 lately? Now that Spider-Man is almost in theaters, Raimi must be planning his next project . . .
    There will be no Evil Dead 4, according to the interview at Show West when the restored print of Evil Dead premired. There is a clip of the Q&A hidden on the DVD. Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert are planning somthing they wanna do as a group project, but it won't be Evil Dead. The original ideas for Evil Dead 4 would have picked up from the original ending of Army of Darkness, of Ash trapped in the future. Universal not wanting the third movie to be called Evil Dead and forcing the editting of the movie from 96 to 81 minutes, hurt the movie financially. Since alot of the casuel fans had no clue it was a sequel, and the original ending not being allowed to be released in America due to the studio wanting a happy ending, pretty much killed any chance of a 4th film.

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    Actually, a great story for a sequel to AOD is the video game's story. It takes place after the Theatrical ending to AOD.

    Bruce Campbell's Bubba Ho Tep is coming out this year too, isn't it? That should be really cool. Then again, anything with The Man is cool. I even paid $8 to see the Majestic for pete's sake, just to see him.
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