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    Royal Guard TIE Interceptor and More!

    Just posted!

    - Dewback with Stormtrooper
    - Invisible Hand
    - AT-TE
    - Dagobah X-Wing
    - Royal Guard TIE Interceptor

    Check them out:
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    Thanks for the info.

    The Royal Gaurd Interceptor is odd. Anyone know if there is a source for this or is it just a Hasbro invention. The rest look very cool.
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    Yes there is a source, I read about it somewhere, I think in the RS forums let me check....

    well I can't find it but I found that they are the Fighting 181st, also known as Saber Squadron.
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    the 181st is Baron Fel's squadron. they flew interceptors with a red diagonal "slash" across the wings - not solid red fighters. i don't recall any EU material indicating that they were royal guards.

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    Usually I don't mind repaints, but that is ridiculous. That has to be one of their worse offerings. The rest look pretty good though.

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    The TIE Interceptor looks very Christmasy, if it's supposed to be out next month then the paintjob makes sense and they probably didn't want to call it the Christmas Interceptor. Santa flying one of those is a very interesting mental image...

    As if we don't already have enough repaints to worry about, now they're starting to make up loonie stuff like this.
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    *Drools so hard it HURTS!*


    I hope the production model looks just as good...

    I LOVE the TIE INTERCEPTOR, personally!

    Though I am reminded of Robotech aka Macross and how Max Genius (SP) and Mirya had blue and red Battloids and now we have a "Bley" and a Red TIE Interceptor...INteresting.

    Bring it on, Hasbro!

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    Ahh another ship from the Expunged Universe. I might buy one though for Chrixmix. The other ones look cool.

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    i want them all except for the red interceptor. i even bought 2 of the regular interceptors but red is just ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    Ahh another ship from the Expunged Universe. I might buy one though for Chrixmix. The other ones look cool.
    Excrement Universe.


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