Well, I finally received a reply from Dark Horse regarding TPB's and reprinting the Marvel comics. I'll just post the email for your enjoyment. For some reason he called me Chris...hmmm.

The following email was submitted by Charles Nowlin on 01/28/2002:

"Will the trend of turning your regular Star Wars series into trades
continue? And will you eventually publish a Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan
trade? Would this include Last Stand on Ord Mantell & the
upcoming series? One last question, what is the status of the 4
book set of reprinted marvel comics? Thanks!"

Hi, Chris,

To answer your questions: Yes, the trend of collecting the story
lines from the on-going series will continue. There will be an
Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon collection, but it will be sometime in the future
after the new series ends, and it will collect both series. And
here's the word on the Marvel reprint stuff, There will be seven
volumes in all, each 300+ pages in color. The first is on the
schedule for June, they should follow one a month after that. Keep an
eye on http://darkhorse.com/products/pubdate/index.html to see when
all of these books are solicited.

Hope this helps,