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Thread: Chewie Death

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    Angry Chewie Death

    How many of other people are upset with death of chewie. i can not belive gl aloud this to happen.

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    I can't believe anything that happens in the New Jedi Order books. The author is just messing everything up.

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    Yeah, if they really wanted to kill a charecter off they should have killed Leia off. That way Han can still moarn for someone, but afterwards he can get back to being the charming rogue again. Not the poor whipped Mr. Mom he turned into after he married Princess Leia and they had kids.

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    Chewie?!? Dead? DEAD?!? What? Post this as a spoiler, please!

    (Kidding! I just wanted to be the first to say it! )

    Was I "upset?" No. Was I shocked? Kinda. Was I disappointed how Chewbacca died? Yes. Too over-the-top and overly-dramatically heroic, for me.
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    Thank the maker they killed off the babysittin furball. I hope Lando, Han and Leia get whacked before the end of the series, too.

    And Luke goes off to live hermit like for twenty years.

    And then they can bring back Anakin (he's NOT DEAD!) as some kind of messed up half machine dark Jedi that has to wail on his siblings and flip out and chop off heads with a lightsaber! WEEEEEEEEEEE! Talkin' 'bout REAL ultimate power!!!

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    I can't understand WHY they killed him! I know it was an heroic death, how we all imagine our heros to die, but I don't think it should have happened!
    Chewie wasn't even one of my favourite characters but I was still shocked by his death.

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    Originally posted by Pendo
    Chewie wasn't even one of my favourite characters but I was still shocked by his death.
    I think that was the point of it. Whether you agree with the NJO doctrine of "destroy everything that's sacred to SW fans" or not, you have to agree that in the previous novels, there was no real sense of danger. Of the movie characters, only Dengar and Crix Madine died, and Dengar was later said to have been an impostor. Which makes the (Rogue II: Jedi Academy trilogy spoiler ahead! ) "is Luke dead" cliffhanger at the end of Dark Apprentice ludicrous.

    Whereas now, whenever any character (outside of maybe Luke, Leia, and Han, who are sacred to George and will probably live eternally) gets into the slightest smidgeon of danger, everyone holds their breath.
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    I don't think Lucas will ever allow them to kill R2-D2. It's his favorite charecter after all. He'll still be saving the day after all the other classic Star Wars charecters have died and turned to dust.

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    Thanks for the warning El Chuxter!

    Things like this are why I've haven't read many books that take place after ROTJ. Actually I just looked at my bookshelf. The only post-ROTJ I've completed are the Zahn trilogy. I finished just about all of the Tales from....., Splinter of the Minds Eye, and the first book of the Han Solo Trilgoy(Just started book 2 this week).

    I've been shying away from the post-ROTJ books. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm afraid of things like Chewie's death, Luke getting wierd, and stuff like that. Basically, I think it kinda kills the "Happily ever after" ending. Obviously, I will run out of pre-ROTJ books and will have to venture beyond it. I'll be looking for suggestions later.
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    I don't like EU. But, I like the comic that tells stories of Chewie from a bunch of different characters POV's.



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