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    Talking Calling all UK readers

    Just to say that Above and Beyond Direct are selling the set of 4 preview figures at 39.96 + 4 postage, expecting to ship to customers within the fortnight. They are also taking pre-orders on 33 AOTC figures, going at 5.99 each. They intend to ship on the 22nd of April so that people get them on the 23rd as planned!

    They are on, or call them (number from directory enquiries)

    But, 33 figures on one day!
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    Thanks mate, that's really helpfull, I was beginning to wonder where I was going to get my Episode II stuff from.

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    We Brits should stay together!
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    I just ordered two R3-T7's from Toy Palace who have the AT-ST in stock right now. shipping to the uk is roughly six quid but the whole site is laid out in euros and dollars so use the currency converter on the bottom of the sites pages to work out what you're paying. Figures are mostly within the 6-8 quid range. AT-ST roughly 30 quid. They're taking pre-orders on the AOTC stuff too but I'd wait for the official release and pick them up from TESCO's or ToysRus if I were you. It'll work out cheaper.

    The Teebo wave will be available at toypalace in about two weeks time due to a delay in the delivery of the cases. If anyone UK knows of anyone who's stocking them now can you let me know please. cheers.

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    Hey Jargo did you try the link at the top I couldn't find abything to do with Attack Of The Clones could you?
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    yeah, i tried it when Gibbspaulus first posted it. It seems that above andbeyond either took the list down because of the recall on early released toys that were turning up on EBAY, or they took all the orders they could fulfill with what stock they had coming. Either way the listings weren't there when i looked.

    although the prices are tempting at aboveandbeyond, I find the lack of any real contact address or certificates of fair trading a bit iffy. I'd try other sites if you want to buy online. but that's just my opinion. I'm not going to dictate that sort of thing to anyone cuz it would get me into twubble

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    Have you got any of the Attack Of The Clones stuff yet then?
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    the UK sites are all sticking to the April 23rd date. So no stuff up yet at the reputable places. but as i posted up yonder, toypalace has got everything on pre-order. I'm tempted to get a couple of bits and pieces but then, if everything's going to hit the regular stores why pay the shipping from germany?
    I ordered the clear domed astro droid from the preview wave though which was about six quid. I should get that when they start shipping in a couple of weeks. But I think maybe ToysRus are getting the preview figures in too. So I'd keep an eye open for them just to be sure.

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    Oh yeah, I've got your vote for a Just Found (U.K) Forum, you used to be a Moderator, can't you try and pull a few strings at the top?
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