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Thread: thrity three

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    Question thrity three

    My God - 33 figures released on one day?!?!?!? Is this true? Who can afford it?

    They're about $9 over here (5.99 in pounds sterling) so do the maths! Unsecured loan, anyone?
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    "thrity"? Blimey, but you Brits surely do talk a bit queer.

    P.S. You forgot about all the vehicles and beast assortments that same day. I'd say you were looking at $500 worth of "goodies" (and believe me, I use THAT term verrrrry tongue in cheek. ) I dunno what that is in pounds... 300 ??

    I know the is about $.89 and the is only about a cent.

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    33? And how many have we seen so far?

    I, along with many others from what people say here, aren't worried about how many figures are coming out on the first day. If they all look similar to what we've seen already, then Hasbro could release 100 different figures and not one would sell.
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    33, hahahahahahaha

    Hasbro MUST be optomistic to crank out THAT many figures at one time!!!

    Heck, EP1 only saw 50 figures TOTAL, and that includes 4 variations of the Battle Droids.

    So much for being a completist.

    Ha, I will only buy what I like, which will probably be around 10 figures.

    The rest of this stuff will be around for a LONG, long time.
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    Good point. I went into shell shock about the thirty three bit, and didn't even think of the rest of the range. I usually prefer the 12" figures and I haven't even enquired about their prices yet!

    Yes, $500 is about 300. I guess I'd better start to be really nice to my partner!(
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    33 ??

    Where did the 33 number come from ??
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    I've only seen the likes of about twenty... including the preview figures!
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    The e-tailler I am buyin my preview figures said that was the amount being released on the day. Go to and look at their ep II selection for confirmation. There appears to be some more resculpts in there of POTJ/F stuff such as Han Solo.

    I'd also heard from a buddy that there will be about 54 figures released over the year. TOO MANY!!!

    It goes back to the Kids Versus Collectors arguement. What child can afford to collect anywhere near that many?
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    Heh, POTJ has only around 50-60 some single figures... that 33 is probably including 1 of each figure from both collections which would come to 16/17....still ridiculous though.
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    My goodness, why do I have the feeling that I'll be seeing AOTC figures in the discount bin at KB in 6 months time....

    You think they'd learn from E1, but then again it is Hasbro... and Lucasfilm.

    So far, not counting the last 3 POTJ figs, there is maybe only 2 other figures I want, and possibly the new Slave I, if it gets discounted.

    Its unfortunate that as of now, there are two camps on the topic. One viewpoint, we don't like the figures, and are only going to buy a few. The other viewpoint; people are actually starting to like these things and want to buy all of them, which further encourages hasbro to put out the same quality products.

    The end is near...for me and collecting.
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