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    Does Wanting to Sell a few things Signify the Beginning of the End?

    So as I sit here, I'm contemplating selling a few Star Wars pieces that just don't excite me any more..... as a matter of fact, they probably never did. Nothing serious, a few figures that are more on the periphery (Silver figures, Xmas figures, Star Tours, that sort of thing).

    My concern is this: has anyone ever started selling a few pieces and then gotten carried away? I still love my stuff, but I'm certainly in a lull right now. I don't want to regret anything down the road.


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    I know what you mean, jj. About a year ago I got rid of my loose Sio Bibble, a figure I was actually proud of since I very rarely find the "hard-to-get" figs. Since then, I've only had minimum desire to purchase a fig, certainly not enough to actually do it. We just moved into a new place and I'm not even certain that I'm going to take "my men" out of their RubberMade prison. It's not even that the hobby isn't exciting for me anymore as much as it that the hobby is flat out boring.

    I was PMing with Caesar a week or so ago and realized that I couldn't tell you the last time I posted in or read with any sense of "need to know" the figure threads here. The quality of the threads aside, the actual SW product being referenced isn't even enough to garner my attention. And with so many of the "usual suspects" (i.e. variants, exclusives, repacks, etc.) running rampant, I don't see myself ever getting back into the swing of things, opting rather to buy a random figure here and there if I happen to see sometnig that catches my eye.
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    I've got to say that, as the "Best Figure Poll" continued, I found myself voting and thinking "Why the hell do I even have that piece of crap?" more and more. It's finally gotten to the point in the poll (AOTC Deluxe) where I started passing on a lot of the bad figures. When I am in the store, I pass on about half of the stuff now. Things that are new figures (Gragra) or marked improvements (Rebel Endor Troopers) I'll pick up. I've passed on so many silly clones, or waited until they've been cleared out at half price. I think this year's been a pretty major shift downward for me. I've looked at so many of the exclusives this year and thought either, "That's stupid" or "Cool, but no way at that price." Even last year, I was buying all sorts of crap without thinking about it. I passed on most of the exclusives this year: Demise of Grievous, Snowspeeder, Dagobah X-Wing, AT-AT, 501st Stormtrooper, Skirmish in the Senate. I'm likely passing on the comic 2-packs, the tins, the Mace's Squadron set, and all but one figure in the final wave.

    So, yeah, I don't think I'm done, but the way Hasbro's running things, I'm losing interest in a pretty wide swath of the line. The last things to get me really excited in the SW toy world were the Unleashed, which Hasbro is determined to kill. I actually find the Galactic Heroes a lot cooler than the basic figures right now, and I see so many stupid Lava Vaders and Utapau Clonetroopers and such gathering dust and wonder why they're even there.

    By the way, on the very off chance that anyone bought the Snowspeeder and doesn't want Zev, I'm willing to talk. That's a figure I'd like to have, but no way at $30.
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    I think it signals the end. I am seeing more and more of that. It seems to me that as some of the younger collectors get a little older...they "grow" out of the collecting. It just looses it's appeal. I am one of the few people that I know that made it through without loosing the love. There is nothing wrong with loosing is just a fact of life. And actually...there are some people who SHOULD stop collecting. The ones who put bills on the back burner until the last possible minute so they can get the latest figures that got released shouldn't collect. It takes a lot of maturity and responsibility to put the needs of the family over the needs of the collector. I never made it to that level of maturity so I had to make up for it with extra particular I got a job that would support both my family AND my collection.

    Or...I could just really be full of crap.
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    If you were a completist then it's just one step closer, jj. If not then it's just thinning out the ranks to make room for new arrivals.

    I guess I'll be the buzzard here and say that when you get a list together PM it to me.
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    Lubing up the probe - it's business time.
    Sure will, Slicker.

    Money's not the issue, there's always been enough to cover the bills (though sometimes it wasn't by much). I don't see it as "growing out of it" either - I've been collecting SW figures since 1978. The simple fact is this: some of the stuff I have sucks, and I don't want it anymore.

    I was always a completist - even as a kid "ho humming" while I got figures like the Imperial Officer and Obi Wan Kenobi, satisfied only inasmuch as I got to cross them off the list on the cardbacks. Since 1995, I'm well over 95% complete for loose figures, even including tripe such as the TRU 4 packs, a million terrible vehicle pack-ins and deluxe figures.... you name it.

    I just feel it's time to be more choosy.... it's like El Chuxter said: "why do I even HAVE some of this crap?" hits the nail on the head.

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    JJ, I feel ya. I sold off a few things I didnt want recently, no need to have em around. Like Chux, I passed on alot of stuff this year, especially rehashed items and exclusives like Grievous. I mainly bought clones, no need ot keep getting the same figure over and over like Kit or Mace. I am only in it for new items or much improved stuff. I think the whole UGH thing did it in for me.
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    I'm in the same boat with the rest of you.

    I rarely buy any Star Wars toys anymore. The only thing out there that I can say I really want is the Artoo Potato Head and maybe that big Galactic Heroes Bounty Hunter pack whenever it comes out. Every new figure I see I have a ho-hum attitude about. Even venturing down the toy aisle I just glance at the figures and rarely look behind whatever is up front.

    And its not just the figures/toys, but rather Star Wars in general that I'm losing interest in. I'll still pick up reading material (Insider, Legacy comic, and Last of the Jedi) but it doesn't excite me the way it used to anymore; they're mostly just "office" reading. Hell, I still haven't opened the OOT DVDs yet.

    I'd also like to get rid of most of my figures from my POTF 2 collecting days, but there just isn't a market for 'em.
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    I gutted a good percentage of my collection and really trimmed it down with zero regrets. I don't buy much of anything anymore but once in a great while something will grab my interest. Not often, though.

    I didn't buy the OOT DVDs, either.

    I still love Star Wars though, it's fun and I like to read the web and Insider but that doesn't cost much money. I'd like to get a few of the newer books from Amazon to catch up on the magic (I'm talking about documentary type books, not fiction).

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    well mr. jj, I reached a point where i wanted to be rid of it all. Even considered just throwing the whole lot into the garbage masher at the local dump.

    But then i sat down and thought about the parts of the movies i liked best and narrowed it down to just Tatooine themed stuff. It cleared my loft of superfluous stuff and gave me a focus again. Instead of having so much stuff i had nowhere to show it off or keep it stored properly now I have three to four shelves that look good. no cramping stuff onto shelves, you can see my figures clearly and they're contextually collated.

    so i would advise that ridding oneself of certain items isn't the end, just a re-organisation and prioritisation. (if that's a word, and if it isn't it should be)


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