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    Smile Thoughts on the AotC Figures: The Polite Thread


    “Why I’m glad that I’m not a Crazy”

    Now, before I start, I’m not trying to flame anyone or rip on anyone, I’m trying to express my opinions in the best way I know how.

    Reading the forums these past few days, I've noticed something.

    If you like the AotC figures, you’re SICK TO DEATH of listening to the “whiners” gripe and moan about how much they hate them because they are too preposed, too bulky, too gimmicky, etc.

    If you hate the AotC figures, you’re SICK TO DEATH of the “do-gooders” telling you to shut up and take it like a man, and that even though you think they suck, they are still Star Wars figures and you should just accept it and buy them like the SW zombie you are.

    What I want to know is this: why do we have to put up with the people who constantly bash other people's opinions?

    An opinion is an expression of a person's thoughts and feelings on a subject, it is NOT a blatant claim to how all should feel and it is not an excuse to blast someone should they disagree.

    Personally, I like reading what others have to say about the figures and hearing another collector’s opinions, but I do not like to read countless messages from posters saying “I think your opinion on the AotC figures is wrong because it is not the opinion I hold and you should change it based on the dumb-***$ remarks I have made.”

    People are going to look at the pictures and form opinions and both sides of the love/hate coin have a right to their opinion and both sides have a right to express their opinion here on the Internet.

    So, with that said, I’d like to start this peaceful thread where you can post your opinions and HOPEFULLY, they will be respected in a CIVILIZED manner.

    So, if you think Anakin’s retro-vintage style pull out saber is the bomb, feel free to post it without another telling you that you are stupid for thinking so.

    If you think Padme’s sculpt is the worst ever, post it without worrying that another will call you the dumbest collector alive for thinking so.

    And should some troll blast someone for expressing an opinion, just ignore them and move on, don't give them they attention for which they are looking.

    Let the freedom that is the “Polite Thread” where opinions are respected and not trashed begin...

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    First of all, I'd like to thank you for starting this thread. I haven't commented on most of the other threads because of their tone.

    Personally, I'm really excited about these figures. From the pictures they seem excellent. The preposed factor isn't really an issue to me, since I don't open many of my figures anyway.

    Sure, there will be some figures that are poorly done, just as in the POTJ line (can anyone say Bucky the Beaver Luke?).

    I think the C-3PO idea with the coverings is excellent, and some of the other features, while obviously directed more for children, are interesting as well.

    I'll make my final judgement on the figures when I have them in my hands.

    To those of you that dislike these figures, remember--you don't have to buy them!

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    Actually I don't pay attention, I'm the one buying them because I'm a SW collector, I know I can voice my opinion on these as I wish. It's kinda like this: Your wife has on a dress you absolutely hate and yet you promised her - the love of your life - dinner, and you still take her out to dinner even though she's wearing that annoying dress.
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    A few of them do suck ahum Anakin and Padme
    but the most oof them are ok,I'm leaving them carded anyway so it doesnt really matter,Hasbro will make better looking figures at some point so im not totally worried at all.
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    At this point I think the AOTC Figures would look very silly out of their packaging and standing (if they can) next to my Dagobah Luke, Bib Fortuna or Captain Tarpals. The scale looks much bigger and I need wider shelf space for these crazy cheerleader stances they appear to be molded into. I think that the only way these will look good is if they are kept on the cards, which is too bad since all my POTF2, POTJ and TPM Figures are loose and displayed. Hopefully I am very wrong about these, but right now I am not very excited.

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    All you guy are crazy,I can't believe that you think....... Just kidding I'm very optimistic about AOTC. Jango looks great and his helmet is removable! although he might look funny in that postion with his hat off. Another great idea is C-3po with his removable panels. Although I like the AOTC figures so far, I wish that Hasbro would keep the POTJ line going and only produce classic figures on them. Wouldn't that be great, a line for the collector and a line for the kids or should I say kids at heart
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    Polite, yes. Could you pour me a spot of tea? That's wonderful. Thank you very much. What's that, you say? Pardon, my hearing isn't quite what it used to be. (polite chuckle, covering lips with fingers)

    Oh, the figures, yes, pardon. Yes, they're quite wonderful, aren't they? Of course, they aren't if you don't think so, no. Must be fair about these things, unless you prefer not to be, of course. Ho ho, it's so peaceful in here, yes. I think it is quite nice. Not so much of that shouting about.

    Pleasant, yes. Dum de dum. ho hum.:happy:

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    I think that the ones that get bent out of shape for being told that thier opinions are wrong are paying to much attenion to the ones who believe that thier opinion is the only right one. I look at it this way. Its my money,my opinion and if you don't like it than hey,MTFBWY. I'm the only one who has to look at my collection and pay for it and I will choose what I like and dislike. I just like hearing what others think because sometimes I agree.
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    What does MTFBWY stand for?

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    May the Force be with you.


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