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    Quick Question: CCR

    I dont know any albums by name since I only have the 2 greatest hits(all you need really)

    Song: Lodi
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    song - fortunate son

    album - don't have a fave

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    Album: The one with Duckee Market on the jacket.

    Song: Centerfield (I know, not CCR, but still John Fogarty).
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    Lookin' Out My Back Door !

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    Bad Moon Rising

    Unoriginal? Maybe. A bad song? Hell no!
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    Favorite song: Run Through the Jungle

    Album: Chronicle. Duh.
    That's my jacket!

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    I guess you could combine Chronicle, Vol. 1 and Chronicle, Vol. 2 and call them Chronicles.

    (but I only have the 1st one. )

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    Ah, you are right. I just have the first one as well. Rush is the one with Chronicles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    Ah, you are right. I just have the first one as well. Rush is the one with Chronicles
    I wasn't saying that to correct you MSP, I just thought it was funny that I only saw fit to get only the first Volume.

    Volume 2 has some good stuff on it, I just never bothered to get it I guess.


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