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    Quick Question: The Moody Blues

    Favorite Album: Long Distance Voyager

    Favorite Song: Your Wildest Dreams
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    Not really familiar with their albums, but I'd like to hear Days of Future Passed in its entirety someday. I like the concept of it and I like "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Nights in White Satin".

    While those two songs are very good, and I'm also tempted to pick "Ride My See-Saw", I will pick "The Voice" instead.

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    I'll go with Voices in the Sky, a sort of greatest hits album.

    Songs, if done live, and depending on the venue/night, Ride My See Saw done with the orchestra (note was the first concert I ever went to and my dad dragged me against my will at 11, came away the classic rock junkie i am). Otherwise, Question.
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    I may sound like a square, but I always liked the sound "Go Now."

    A great send-off song. Don't hear it on the radio anymore.
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