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    MR Trivia Thanksgiving Weekend!

    Hello Everyone!

    To celebrate the MR sale and Thanksgiving, I will be coming into the forums throughout the upcoming weekend to play some trivia, have some fun and give out some cool MR swag!

    Please check back with this thread from time to time over the weekend to join me!

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    Looking forward to it Amy! I might actually be around for this one!
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    Dang, and I'm always away for Thanksgiving. Well, I hope my fiancee's mom's computer can load up fast. So I might have a shot.

    Happy Thanksgiving Amy and thanks for doing this!

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    So how does this trivia contest work? I have not participated in one before. What day, time?
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    MR chimes in with a set of questions. You simply have to respond back with the answers as fast as you can.
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    So first one in wins? Sounds tough....

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    It is tough, but if you know your stuff, its all good. just have to check in and see when it will be running
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    Any word yet on when this will be?

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    It's Trivia Time!

    Hello Everyone!

    The turkey may be gone but the festivities are still happening! I will be back in about 20 minutes (11:45 Pacific Time) to play some trivia. I will be playing two rounds, each for a gold mini. I hope to see you all here!


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    Hello Everyone and welcome to Master Replicasí trivia! I will be posting 3 questions in just another 10 minutes! The first person to answer both questions correctly in one post (no edited posts will be allowed) will be declared the winner. There will be only 1 winner and you must be 18 years of age or older to win. If you are declared the winner, please send me a pm with your full name, shipping address and phone number, along with a reminder of what you have won, and we will send you your prize within the next couple of weeks. We will be playing 2 rounds, each for a gold mini.

    Good luck everyone!


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