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  • The X-wing launches some proton torpedos and you can scratch off one Eye-ball!

    81 66.39%
  • The Imperial TIE Fighter's superiority overwhelms and vapes one more rebel scum!

    41 33.61%
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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 1!

    Attention SirStevesGuide Readers! Now is your chance to pick your favorite Hasbro Star Wars ships and vehicles and TAKE THEM INTO BATTLE!

    See how they do against every other fan's favorite main machine!

    Choose the modern toy that you liked the most and keep coming back to see if your craft can make it to the next round!

    There are 32 contestants in the first round - and Friday Nights are FIGHT NIGHTS only here at SirStevesGuide!

    For 16 weeks your favorite Star Wars ships and vehicles will compete in their own "divisions" of appropriately matched crafts to see who is going to survive!

    To qualify, all Battle of the Machines contestants must be Hasbro Star Wars crafts that have been released in the modern line!

    But watch for some unexpected surprises as new ships and vehicles are released! Some new contestants might be crashing the fights during the next few months!!!

    Who will make it to the Semi-Finals??? YOU DECIDE!!!

    In our first pitched battle we have a classic match, a staple of Star Wars since the beginning. We have the Electronic X-wing Fighter versus the Galactic Empire's TIE Starfighter in The Dog Fight!

    Yes, Rebels and Imperials, choose your sides and let the lightning strike! It's The Battle of the Machines, Round One - Fight One:

    X-wing versus TIE Fighter!

    Cry Havoc and Release the Dogs of War!!!

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    The Imperial TIE Fighter has an opening cockpit that can hold one action figure, and pop-off solar panels that simulate battle-damage. It sold for a price point of around $20.00.

    The Electronic X-wing Fighter was about $30.00 and featured opening wings with linked fly-by sound effects that you activated by pushing a dedicated R2-D2's head down. A remote trigger made laser-blast flash noises. Landing gear could come down manually, and the cockpit holds one action figure.

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    x-wing vs. tie fighter?


    even the swaped up slimey micro machines x-wing which came with the transforming yoda playset could kick any tie fighter butt!

    particularly anyone made by hasblow with pop off wing assemblies! (whatever you do, don't press that button.........doh!)
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    Anytime the TIE took a concussion hit, wobbly head TIE pilot lost track of which direction he was headed, not to mention that he just couldn't comfortable in that seat.

    X-Wing Pilot had the liability of an R2 unit dying to get out of the ship to stretch his legs, but it isn't to be. Grumpy droids aren't much help in a battle.

    Regardless, there is only one possible outcome: the TIE is designed with battle damage...the X-wing isn't. Only one is allowed to be destroyed.

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    The TIE's were actually pretty formidable in the Death Star battle of ANH. I remember when watching it for the first time I actually believed for a second that the Rebels were doomed.

    So I voted for the TIE, assuming this battle takes place before the first Death Star is destroyed. Plus, it is still probably the most original spaceship design in all of sci-fi. You can't steal that design without someone picking it out immediately.
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    The Imperial TIE Fighter's superiority overwhelms and vapes one more rebel scum!
    I just like the Tie Fighter ship more than the X-wing fighter
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    I voted TIE.

    bigB, I like your point about originality in design.

    stillakid, I could never go into toy battle with a permanently anchored astromech.

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    I go with the Tie for playability and price. The X-Wing is cool but I have always liked the Tie fighters.
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    Let's see...

    X-Wing: Four laser cannons, torpedo launcher, astromech droid, shields, hyperdrive.

    TIE Fighter: Two laser cannons, no launcher, no droid, no shields, no way.

    Gee, that was easy.
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    As a toy I like the X-wing. Both in vintage and POTF2.
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