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    Where's Luke?!!!!!!

    I know some have already found him, but I haven't and I'm getting real nervous!!! I'm speaking of the Endor Luke. It really erks me as I've already completed the wave after the one in which he was due to be released, and I'm sure we'll see new stuff beyond that real quick! So, is there anyone else having a hard time finding? Are there some who have seen many of them? Does anyone have an extra they'll sell? Why is this one so hard to find?
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    I haven't been able to find him, either, so I ordered him from Amazon. He should be waiting for me when I get home!

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    I saw one back in late September, but I passed on it since I've got the POTF Speeder Bike version. Figs from these last couple waves don't stay on the pegs long around here.
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    I've only seen him once, and I got him. In my area, at least, he's been the rarest of this wave so far, with the Pod racers a close second.
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    I, too, saw him but once, and bought him then. Hope you can find one, 'cause it's a nice figure, and the package background photo is fun if you're a MOC collector.

    I think he may be packed at 1 per case, as the Tatooine Luke was earlier this year, if I remember correctly.

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    We haven't even gotten this wave here in Cleveland as far as I can tell!!
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    now is a pretty good time to be looking for figures because the stockrooms are being emptied to fill the pegs. If it's in the back, it's a good bet it'll be on a peg at some point.
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    I found him this morning. Funny thing is they only had him, final duel Darth and Rep Been, so I think he just got put out. Someone else probably would have gotten him first, except it turned out all the other guys were there for the PS3.
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    I actually saw him twice, early on. The paint on both was horrible, and I passed until I could find one who doesn't have his eyes on his cheeks. I've not yet seen one that looks even close to acceptable.
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    I just now found him and I've been frusterated trying to track him down. Keep looking and check ALL the figures on the pegs. My Endor Luke was WAY in the back.
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