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    leaving and definitely not coming back.

    so goodbye. it WAS fun. unfortunately a certain person has made it clear through various veiled references that I'm not really welcome. and that they don't think much of me. thus making it incredibly difficult to continue to use this site and feel comfortable about doing so.

    so long and thanks for all the - whatever.

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    Dearest Andy! Who's gonna tuck me in and give me a kiss goodnight?
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Well, this is a shock, I havent seen anything about it, has it been in PM's or in the forums? granted I dont read every thread, so I might have missed it. Please PM me with the info and lemme see what happened.
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    Toodles... and please keep in touch.

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    Bye Andy Sorry you feel you have to leave
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    You're actually going to let one person run you out?
    How sad...

    That is what the ignore feature is for.
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    It was that Newsbot dude, wasn't it? Man, I hate that mofo. Thinks he's better 'n us and ****. Still, I ain't leaving anytime soon over it.

    Take some time off, then come back. Who cares what someone on the 'net thinks of you? I wouldn't let someone run me off for good.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving. You'll be missed.
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    What have I done now?
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    Holy... Wow. What did I miss?

    Jargo, this site really won't be the same without you.
    That's my jacket!


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