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    Betrayal on Felucia Battle Pack has a couple of pics in their forums of this battle pack. It shows Aayla and 4 Clones. A Commander Bly re-pack, the evoulutions Felucia Clone and a pair of Felucia Clones that look to be modified Commander Blys.
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    Hopefully I can get a word in before all of the clone haters type tirades about how Star Wars is going to be all clones.

    This pack looks cool. I can, of course, do without the Aayla, and I already have two opened Blys, but I need at least one more Star Corps clone (to make an even number), and thankfully this set comes with three of the grunt clones, so I'll have an even number no matter how many I get. Between this and the Mace pack, Target is getting a lot of my money, so it's a good thing I have finally broken my boycott of the local Target. I'm not a big fan of removable helmets, so I wish they were all redecoed Blys, but I've accepted that a lot of people really like that feature, so I've learned to live with it. It's not as cool as the Mace pack, but a lot of the points I'm giving the Mace pack are due to it's having the airborne clone.
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    I am so not in to the evolutions one that I think I will offer the ones I get for trade for the regular ones.
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    This set I will get, as said before, I too can do without Secura, but more Starcorps Clones is sweet. I could use another Bly too, as I cut the visor off mine.
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    I'll get this set if the Bly is the correctly painted one (ochre stripes on either side of the yellow on the helmet and stripes on the legs) that I could never find. Other than that, it looks very nice. Last year this would have had me very excited, but this year (or next) it's almost overkill.

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    Well, here I go again...

    I'll get between 5 and 8 sets of these. I won't need any of the Aayla's....AND I won't need the Bly's either...

    So when I get them, I'll offer them up for trade/sale. (Dont PM me before hand, I'm not going to keep track of who asked first...)
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    I'll get two sets for the Starcrorps clones. That'll give me 8 of them(with the 2 I already have), which is perfect for me. I don't consider these major clones like the 501st, Shocktroopers or especially the Utapau ones (I collect about 15-20 of those).

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    I hate sites that require you to register to view freakin' images of toys they don't own the copyrights to anyway.
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    Those wacky Germans have front and back pictures of the box.

    I dunno . . . I don't really see a point in re-purchasing Aayla and Bly just to get some "new" clones. I would like some more 327th Star Corps clones, but I'm not sure I'll get this one.
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    I might get one, i might not. Ive only got two of the grunts, and i usually try to get four of a clone, so this pack will help me out if i decide to pick it up. It looks nice in its box though.
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