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    Exclamation GREAT NEWS! Bit more time for R2Dee2's collection!!

    What a way to begin the week. I've been advised there will be at least a couple more months (Jan-Feb) during which items can still be had for a song (in key, please ) and a fair price. There are items listed by "Aspenstar" on E-Bay that are listed in general groups (because of the volume and other reasons) that have been and will be for sale.

    If ANY of you have wish-lists that still need additions, PLEASE either post or e-mail me at and locations will be attempted on their end. Please bear in mind, they've got thousands to go through for orders, sooooooooooooo, specifics, UPC Codes, especially, if possible, COMPLETE description (i.e. " MM Collection VIII-Darth Maul/Sith Speeder w/Darth Maul/Naboo Fighter/Naboo Pilot"), perhaps a link to a page with an image, would be MOST helpful to her. I'll get them listed and sent so she can begin the search for items wanted.

    I'm looking forward to helping y'all acquire as many of your desired collection pieces as possible, gentlemen.

    Later, Dudes


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    Playidia already bid on one of those. If he wins, everything will be back there for re-sale in a week...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiurusu View Post
    Playidia already bid on one of those. If he wins, everything will be back there for re-sale in a week...
    The thought of that scalper getting a single item from Marilyn's collection would be a sickening disgrace.

    Just looked at the auctions. That set of 3 micromachine SW collection sets for $10 is a very good deal. I would have bought those if I'd realized they were available, but I won't go into a bidding war against Playidia.

    I'm somewhat surprised that no larger items like Code 3 die-casts and prop replicas were among the items we ever saw listed.
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    Shame I didn't know that some of those AF were in his collection otherwise I would of asked for them.

    Its annoying to see that Playidia has bid on 3 of the items. I say block him from bidding to slow his scalping.
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    Question Question, Mothy - AF = Action Fleet or Action Figures?

    The Action Fleet items were on the huge list (Excel Worksheet) and the format that Darth Michael had, so kindly, used so y'all could see the items on this Forum. - Post 4. BTW, how would we block this OOK from bidding? Just wondering, considering the spirit behind Marilyn's wish to have the items sold to legitimate collectors (collecting for the collection's sake, not profit). But, we do have to take into consideration the efforts and not-at-all-small expense that has been dealt with by Mike and Laura since last year. They've been extremely cooperative and assisting and PATIENT in all this, considering all circumstances.

    I feel we should follow their lead, as they're really trying to do something good to benefit a charity, but, I'd personally just love to box his ears . Soooooooo, I'd suggest any items that ANY of you fine Forum'ers have a desire for be spoken for ASAP to reduce the chance of more scalping and give them a chance to get you as much as possible from the Motherlode they're supporting. Hey, wadda GREAT Christmas gift to yourselves and helping others too.

    Got to run - must make more Watergate Salad - it's all been snarked away .

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    to cancel his bid and block him from bidding again you must follow these steps:

    1) go to my ebay
    2) go to the item you are selling
    3) click on bids
    4) make note of item number and bidder ID (playidia in this case)
    5) click on "cancel Bid" at the bottom of the page
    6) click on the next "cancel bid" link
    7) enter the item number, bidder id and reason for blocking
    8) click "cancel bid"

    this will need to be done for each item he has bid on.

    No more Scalpers!!!
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    heya all...i've converted the most recent list that Carolyn sent me into .html format (and .pdf for those who'd prefer) and have it posted here:

    hope this helps out


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    Red face I'm sooooo tired of being knocked out of IE--grrrrr!

    Quickly, thank you SO much for doing so much regarding the list, RJ. I must apologize for having credited Darth Michael with your clever posting work-around. I've checked it and it looks absolutely WONDERFUL (html). I've got an update to get to you as I packed a box for another buyer today. There are a couple of items w/final decisions to be made, but it reduces the list, mostly by the 9-pack miniature figurines (card/bubble pack).

    I'm going to get this off before IE strikes again

    Later, my friend


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    Exclamation IE7 strikes again!!! While I believe scalpers should be

    [FONT=Verdana] strung up by their greedy thumbs, I can’t condone interfering with anyone’s legitimate attempts to acquire something on E-Bay. Sleaze-ball though he/she may be, I don’t believe stooping to that level is wayyyyyyyyyy below the integrity of all you gentlemen of this Forum.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]We’ve been on the observing end of a difficult situation in which efforts and expenses of some consequence have been contributed when a much easier ‘out’ of the issue would’ve saved Mike and Laura much ‘grief’ so to speak. Soooo, while I hate the idea of any scalper using Dee’s much-loved and long-time accumulation to simply profit off of, it’s actually down to Mike and Laura and there’s no denying they’ve bent over backwards to accommodate her request to the benefit of y’all.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]I’m more than thankful they’ve honored [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]Dee[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]’s wishes as much as they have and will continue to try to facilitate any purchases, as long as I can, with their permission.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana] [/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana]Wellllllllllllll, this was drafted on a WORD Document to TRY not to be lost again ! Soooooooo, here ‘tis and I’m here for ya, guys[/FONT]
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    [FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana]VT-mom -

    as soon as you get me the list, i'll get it updated and online for folks to look through...

    also, if you're having trouble with internet explorer (i prefer to call it internet exploder), you might try downloading mozilla's a great browser and actually offers a great deal of protection from spyware and such things...

    thanks again!



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