Harrison Ford and River Phoenix together for probably their first time (long before "Last Crusade" in which they didn't have scenes with each other anyway).

This movie had an awesome premise (I believe it was a classic novel first). Allie Fox (Ford) - and was that for "Alexander?" takes his family into exile from America thats been sold to Japan and taken over by non-English speaking immigrants. Fox seeks out a chance to start all over with science as his ally and "Ice is civilization" as his premise.

Fox' enthusiasm is contagious, though at times your common sense grabs you and says one is really hard-pressed to reject their own culture. That's tough. Eventually, events drive Fox literally insane.

It's a rare treat to see Harrison Ford play "the bad guy." At many times, you marvel at Fox's ingeniousness, but other times, you do think the guy deserves being shot dead for abusing his family that way.

I love how one of his daughters asks him to fix the bicycle and he turns it into a stationary bike that operates their "Flintstones laundry machine."

Exiled guerilla fighters or drug dealers take refuge and effectively take control of Fox's small central-American civilization, and Fox's plan to freeze them backfires - literally (what is it with Ford and movies where something gets frozen?)

They wind up rebuilding in a flood zone and their new civilization gets taken out by a Katrina-like storm.

All the while, Fox is battling for science against God and takes his stubborn determination (there's no evidence of outright Atheism) up against Reverend Spellgood who's there "on a mission" with his Blue Jeans Bible and past experience running a Drive-In Evangelical Church.

In the end, Fox is killed by Spellgood in what is perhaps afterall, a "Godly act of mercy."

Great movie! For a kid actor, River Phoenix was darn good, too.

I love the bad girl in the preacher's daughter. "I think about you when I go to the bathroom." What a little tramp. And I'm not sure about the age difference, but I think she was a college freshman interested in a high school boy (umm, not that we didn't see Padme very nearly cradle-rob Anakin - though not exactly quite so).